Flashback Friday

Pup in Boots: With these boots I shall gallantly charm the king with gifts and fool him into making me a great lord, and I shall never again run after mice, except for entertainment.

“Feb. 9, 1928. Washington, D.C. – “Peter Pan, wire-haired terrier pet of the personal secretary to President Coolidge and Mrs. Edward T. Clark, arrived at the White House today attired in ‘flapper galoshes’.” You lucky dog! Via Shorpy (“Flapper galoshes”? Want!)



  1. Catsquatch says:

    Galoshes and no raincoat? Oh the humanity! Wait, thats not right… Oh the dogmanity!

  2. They had doggie shoes back in the 20s? Cool! 😉

  3. Why are people (or dogs) never “attired” any more? Now it’s “wearing Gucci” or whatever. “Attired” is so much more glamorous.

  4. to see how galoshes fit into the flapper mix, check out 7th paragraph here:

  5. Smartypants says:

    Yes, and you never hear of anyone “sporting” a new outfit or hairstyle anymore, or wearing “togs”. What gives? Those’re some great terms!