Wild Thing, U Make Our Hearts Sing

“This is JUST too moische!” -Cuteporter Margaret R.

“And seriously, all cuteness aside, how cool is it that we are still discovering new species on such a crowded little planet? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mother Nature is a badass.” -Cuteporter Nicole K.


Ever heard of an Olinguito? Neither has anyone else! NBC News Science says: “The Olinguito, described as a cross between a house cat and a teddy bear, is the first new carnivorous mammal identified in the Western Hemisphere in 35 years, and it’s considered one of the cutest scientific finds in recent memory.” More from the guys who discovered this little knucklehead right heah!



Color photos by Mark Gurney. B&W shot by I. Poglayen-Neuwall. Olinguito Facts from Smithsonian Science Dot Org. THANK U for all the emails received from Cuteporters Debra R., Yasmin N., Margaret R., Nicole K., Fleurdamour1, Laurelei P., Xenia S., Betsey G., Tracy G., Toni B., Claire S., Robin C. PhD, Patricia H. (of Red Bank, NJ) & Smedley.



  1. Yay!! Thanks for posting this! My pals at the Smithsonian are all SO excited about this new disccovery! So so so cool.

  2. Kari Callin says:

    It looks a lot like a kinkajou! Very cool and cute find!

  3. I know, I know…wild animals should be left in the wild… yada…yada…yadda…
    But I WANT ONE!

  4. MusicFan87 says:

    Yay! I got mentioned as a Cuteporter (Patricia H. of Red Bank, NJ)! I am honored. The Olinguito had me at “cross between a house cat and a teddy bear.” My head ‘sploded when I read that breaking news this morning, so I knew I had to send it to Meg to share with other CuteOverload fans!

  5. I know. How is that cute little thing “wild”?

  6. First picture is all, “Hola. Me llamo Olanguito. Muy pleased to meet you.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but he looks like a cross between a hedgehog and a red panda… and all adorable1

  7. How fab that this newly-found species is so cute! Not sure I’m so fussed on the pelts though; you can leave those in the drawer thanks.

  8. petless in Puddletown says:

    All the descriptions say it’s smaller than an olinguo, but with BIGGER TEETH… and did you get a look at those claws?? That’s how!

  9. Yay, I got credit as a Cuteporter! I’m going to add it to my business cards. Two of my favorite things are house cats and teddy bears, so something described as a cross between the two is perfect!

  10. MusicFan87 says:

    Yay! I agree that this is such a cute combo!

  11. And for those wondering how they can be “carnivores” while eating mostly fruit, from the NBC article:

    “By their heritage and body type, the olinguitos are included as newest member of the order Carnivora, which includes civets, and cats, and bears, and hyenas. But this branch of the traditionally meat-loving order has has turned frugivore, and now lives off figs and other tree fruit, in addition to probably hunting small birds, lizards, and insects in the canopy.”

  12. awwwww sooo cuuuuu- ew, corpses.
    awwwwwww more cuuuuu- damn him with those dead pelt things! don’t show those!

  13. rocinrobin says:

    Congrats on your Cuteportering

  14. rocinrobin says:

    Congrats, Cuteportet

  15. MusicFan87 says:

    Thanks, rocinrobin!

  16. Mauderules says:

    I’m so thrilled to learn that a new species has been “discovered,” although I suspect that the dwellers in the cloud forests knew about them all along. They probably kept quiet about them because they wanted the cuteness for themselves. And honestly, who could blame them? Many thanks to the Cuteporters for bringing this to Meg’s attention, and to Meg and her staff for bringing it to mine. Soon the photos will be whizzing through the ether to all my buds.

  17. You make everything.. grooveeeh… WILD THING~

    Now I gotta go listen to some Prozzäk and imagine these cutesy olinguitos grooving to it before beddy-bedtime.

  18. Killer Klown says:

    Yeah, from what I understand is that they’ve actually known about these guys for a while, but they identified them as the wrong species. Someone finally put the pieces together and placed the fellow in his proper family; hence the ‘new’.

  19. I wish to register a complaint.
    Science has become more about the scientists themselves,and their soaking up facetime and self absorbed bios,and not about the science.

  20. so…did presenter-boy grow his facial hair to look like an olinguito? or did he set out to discover an animal that looked just like him?

  21. thank you! i thought that the video host had just mispoken, until one of the scientists said the same thing.

  22. Olinguito = OMGuito!!!

  23. Well, they’re related. They’re all part of the raccoon family. Science is cool!

  24. Thank you for that clarification!

  25. Agreed! I watched the second video and just couldn’t stop thinking “what a tool”!

  26. BatBlaster says:

    Isn’t its name the diminutive of olingo, the animal they did’t realize it wasn’t.


    Ok maybe I overreacted.


  28. BatBlaster says:

    Reminds me of the soprano pipistrelle, another case of not realizing two similar animals are distinct species

  29. Was that a tasmanian tiger in a drawer? I’m so hopeful that they’re still out there somewhere.