Why is Sweetie Smiling?

As if being a ruthless super cute snooglypoof fluffcake wasn’t enough?

“My Sweetie has one of the sweetest smiles in the world. She had a spectacularly rough start in life, so the fact that she smiles at all is a wonder and a daily joy to me. Even doped up after massive surgery to both of her back legs, she still had a hint of a smile for us. She’s my best friend. I’m her favorite hoomin.” -Liz Lintel



  1. Awwww… sniff. Awwww… Good for you, Liz! You are an amazing hoomin!

  2. mauderules says:

    Adorable. Simply adorable. And if that’s the low-wattage smile, my mind would have to expand to accommodate the full version. Keep smiling, Sweetie!!! Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Awww Sweetie, you are a living doll! No wonder your hoomin is so in love with you. Sounds like you really struck it rich with your new mama… and so did she. I wish you both many, many, many years of joy.

  4. Well, I am a complete pushover for animals who had a rough start so Sweetie (aptly named) has melted me into goo!

  5. d’awwww…. great story for both of you! I love the expression “I’m her favorite hoomin.” I will remember that as I pick up and cuddle my semi-feral kittehs who never let anyone else even SEE them…

  6. Sweetie does indeed have the best smile evar! She is soooo beautiful and loving.
    Yay to Liz for resqte!!!! ❤

  7. snooglypoof fluffcake – best description EVER.

  8. I wuz just thinkin that…

  9. What a beautiful Girl. She reminds me of my little man Kip who we rescued from a pound. Like your girl he had a traumatic young life but we had him for 15 years and will always be remembered for his happy smile.