Three’s Company Too

These photos c/o Cuteporter Sarah. First up, Luna the greyhound chasing bunnies in her sleep!

“Luna (age 2) hangs out with her dachshund buddies Ginny (5) and Harry (3).”

“All three are rescues, with Luna hailing from a racetrack in Alabama (courtesy of Greyhound Rescue, Inc.), Ginny from a boarding kennel in Virginia, and Harry from the side of a busy highway in Georgia. Despite being capable of speeds up to 40 mph, Luna much prefers to let the weenies do the running while she chases bunnies in her sleep.”




  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Such dignity. Truly, nothing sleeps more gracefully than a greyhound.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    By placing that black bar in the first pic, CO has turned an innocent picture of a doggy sleep-running into “Fifty Shades of Greyhound.”

  3. yay for resqte!!!
    All doggehs are so adorabuhls. Very good posing skills. Smizing from the doxies and front cross-paws from greyhound. I would like to snorgle all of them. Now.

  4. Tim McDaniel says:

    The SIZE of that “CO ModestyEnhance(tm) Pro-tek-shun Panel”?! I wonder if I can comment that, if it needs to be that big, there’s a weiner dog … and two dachshunds.

  5. agreed.

  6. Respectful round of applause for Oakley.

  7. *Clutching pearls*

  8. very cute trio.

    luna looks like a librarian.

    that’s a compliment, btw.

  9. TheIglets says:

    Yes, *any* sight hound for that matter.

    (I’m a proud mommy of an Italian Greyhound!)

  10. Umm, way to make it weird, CO.

  11. Lol, the two “sides” of Luna’s personality maybe?

  12. Smartypants says:

    Luna thought she was posing for Playhound magazine.

    Greyhounds are awesome! I worked in a dog-friendly office where one of my coworkers brought in her retired racer Gracie every day.

    Sarah, congrats on your wonderful resQtes!

  13. Playhound! (smacks forehead.)

  14. Sarah, bless your heart for all three!
    The side of busy highway… [shudder]

  15. Luna? Ginny? Harry? Must be a Potter fan.

  16. Arrgh, but the info says that Luna the greyhound is a lady-hound. So . . .

  17. Well put! It’s a dog, for goodness sake.

  18. “Goodness, this photo of a dog sleeping could be seen as sexual!” Said no one ever until you censored it. Please please please let this not be a thing.

  19. Somehow that makes it even scarier.

  20. Totally ridiculous thing to do.

  21. rescue gal says:

    So much agreed. Let’s not sexualize our fur babies please.

  22. victoreia says:

    My thoughts exactly!

  23. `They were just being silly. Relax.

  24. I went into Barnes & Noble on the day before Father’s Day a few years ago, and they had a greyhound rescue group doing gift wrapping for donations. They brought 3 dogs with them and they were the sweetest things. The woman told me that they don’t sit, because when they’re racing they get a shock if they sit in the gates before a race, so instead of sitting to be petted they leaned into my legs. It was like getting a doggie hug 🙂

  25. I have a dog who falls asleep on her back in that same pose – we call it the Heisman Trophy pose.

  26. Super cute doggies, andkudos to you for supporting dog rescues! Can I ask, Sarah, the name of the brand of the amazing dog bed Luna is sleeping on in the first photo? My standard poodle would love one!

  27. Aww, you should have left the black box there. It was funny and cute, and there was nothing sexual about it. It was just for laughs!

  28. 260Oakley says:

    Luna has been dis-barred!

  29. meriweather says:

    Now she’s not allowed to practice paw in her home state.

  30. Ah yes, the infamous “cockroach” sleeping position. My girly greyhound (who looks A LOT like Luna, by the way) sleeps in that position quite frequently. In fact, she’s mastered the art of awkward sleeping positions.

    Another quirk with Greyhounds in addition to not sitting is that they chatter their teeth when they’re excited. If it’s accompanied by relaxed, back ears that means they’re really happy and excited about something (a car ride, food, walkies, etc.). If the hound’s ears are up and they’re chattering their teeth, then they either see something they want to chase (SQUIRREL! BUNNY!) or are nervous or stressed about something.

  31. Thank you for rescuing these sweet babies! Such cuties!

  32. I thought the same thing!

  33. Aww greys!! Love it 🙂 Look at her fancy ears 🙂 So refined…

  34. Sorry this is late – the bed is from Costco! It was only like $40ish too, a super steal!

  35. You are correct! 🙂