This seat is taken.


Photo 1 from Tumblr. Photo 2 of Oscar AKA Kitty by Michael J.



  1. aaww – aren’t you just the cutest little thing EVAH!! XOXO – Bacon

  2. I bought a couch with a comfort section that comes out you can stretch out your legs there. And that’s where my cat decide to lay down everyday. She’s all like “I know you purchased this couch and everything, but as far as you’re concerned that’s where your involvement ends”.

  3. The gray cat on the black chair is GORGEOUS!

  4. I have a problem I would like to discuss with Dr. Kitteh. I keep looking at this one website that posts…cute…pics of kittehs and now I cannot suppress the urge to go out and get more kittehs!

  5. Norbertsmom says:

    Dr Kitteh: ” I see and how long have you had this problem?”

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    The first pic reminds me of the scene from “Dr. Doolittle” where the reverend’s visiting and sits on the hedgie by mistake!

  7. sabrina rose says:

    Miss Saffron, the kitties at Durham Humane Society invite you for a visit. (Please bring catnip and a carrier.)

  8. Twilight Twinkle says:

    I know. I want it!

  9. Yes. And awesome photo composition!! I was wondering if it’s a black & white photo…

  10. No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to open the cat treats…

  11. Love the hedgie to chair ratio. Makes me smile.

  12. 😆 Typical kitty attitude 😆

  13. I second that, ksheasley 😀

  14. phred's mom says:

    Black and white, the floor boards are grey.

  15. New Rule of Cute proposal: when the chair you’re sitting in is waaaay bigger than you, that’s Cute.

  16. Better still: when you are the same shape as the thing you are sitting on, it’s Even Cuter.

  17. Kitty in the chair is sending me into a transcendental flotation of euphoria….I am so in love with this picture. Please, doc, help me…..

  18. Michael Johnson says:

    Thank you!! I’m the proud papa of the Gray Cat!! 🙂