No Blizzards Out There Today

But there’s an unstable area of disturbance in here!  This storm will bring a few inches of the white stuff.

“This is my cat Tokie Wartooth. She is a lady cat and likes all types of paper in roll form.” -Ariel (Does this kitteh’s name mean something? Anybody know?) (And do you see the other kitteh in the background?)



  1. i b’leebs the background kitteh is a reflection of ms. wartooth, from the sneak-up side

  2. Toki Wartooth (not a bumblebee) is the Norwegian guitarist from Dethklok, the metal band in the cartoon series “Metalocalypse.”

  3. “Haaaaa! I crack myself up!”

  4. The other kitteh is just a reflection in the mirror I think…

  5. I second.

  6. Third.

  7. 4st

  8. I love that show!!! My hamsters name is Pickles the Hamster (Doodily Doo Ding Dong Doodily Doodily Doo). 😉

  9. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Throws back head, open mouth wide, and cackles demonically.

  10. Wartooth ? Until I’m mistaken .. I see TEETH .. Sharp little teeth too ..
    Great for chasing Mice, Mice like toys, and rolls of evil TP !

  11. Hartchick says:

    Toki Wartooth:

  12. Had me going for a second there, though.

  13. (William Murderface Murderface Murderface)

  14. This ams the coolest cats ever! She ams Tokis reincarnated. (Toki was supposedly killed in the last Metalocalypse episode) His English was dildoes,(yes Toki would say dildo for things or situations that were not good) he ams from Norway.

  15. stunbunny says:

    Na-Than Ex-plo-sionnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  16. She is photobombing herself.
    She also appears to be upset that there isn’t more TP

  17. 😆 Typical kitty behaviour 😆

  18. I think the dog did it. Poor, innocent kitty, screaming its innocence to the gods.

  19. Clairdelune says:

    *Sniff* — my beloved Tabby Who Passed Over the Rainbow Bridge used to do the same when she was a kittain… – *sniff* :-[

  20. I have a crush on Nathan Explosion!