Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Rise and shiiiine! (throws open curtains) It’s a beautiful daaaayyyy outside! (birds singing) Wakey wakeeeez! (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons starts in background)

“This is our (probable) chiweenie, Lucky, wondering who disturbed his third post-morning-walk nap. Now he has to start all over. Cassie (possible maltipoo with more poo than malti) is in the background wondering if there’s going to be a rumble. Picture by the hoomin in trouble.” -Liz L



  1. NurseNoir says:

    Are you sure there isn’t a bit of Vizsla in there??? I bet when that plushy blankie gets thrown aside, the whole room smells like warm popcorn and free-toes!

  2. This is me in the morning. My dogs usually wake up before me!

  3. 5 more minutes mom, pleeeease!!!

  4. I get a similar stink eye from my previously slepping kittehs after I have been unable to resist snorgling what ever part is showing – ears? toe beans? belleh? Whatevs.

  5. I almost missed little Cassie in the back there! She kinda blends in with the pillow 🙂

  6. soo sweet dog:) lovely ear:):)

  7. skippymom says:

    third post-morning-walk nap sounds good to me!