Canadian Kittehs, Eh?

From Cuteporter Vanessa S: “A group of us were asked to take photos at the Durham Humane Society in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, to use at a fundraiser being held for the shelter in November of this year.” (Note: date TBD.)

“I took my Sony A57 camera & a handful of peacock feathers and ventured into the cat rooms.”

“The shelter uses a more open concept- a communal, living arrangement for the cats which includes a completely enclosed outside area off each of the rooms.”

“It really is a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.”

“They could really use some donations since they suffered a tragic fire a few years back.”

Durham Humane Society Facebook Page.



  1. omg- the shelter is genius, the photos are genius. I want the third cat with the fat face sooooo bad!!!!

  2. I am glad to see good photographers willing to work with animal shelters on high-quality photos of available adoptafurbebehs!!! A good photo can make a lifetime of difference.

  3. amazing pics but you have to look too ….

  4. humminbirdie says:

    Beautiful photos, Vanessa! I hope your work helps the shelter maintain its financial stability so that it can continue to care for lovely kittehs such as these!

  5. Oh man, my passport is in order and I can drive to Canada….

    I hope all these beautiful kittehs find forever homes. Kudos to the wonderful hoomins taking care of them! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Clairdelune says:

    What beautiful kittehs!! The last calico is a gem… Am sending a donation to help take care of these beauties. I hope they all find loving homes, I wish I could go collect them all. My dream: win big on the lottery, buy a big house with lots of rooms, fill a couple of them with resqute kittehs… happiness!!!

  7. Great job, photographer!

  8. What an exceptionally beautiful bunch of cats!

  9. Leslie Kaye says:

    If only I could get my students to raise their paws, uh hands, before speaking in class.

  10. What gorgeous cats!!!! Want that calico with the half-black chin/neck splotch!

  11. Well, Clairdelune, I am feeling significantly less unique now, since that happens to be my dream, too. I even have the house picked out (an old farmhouse with four–FOUR!–bay windows) and a name for the place: The Big Fat Orange Cat Ranch, since we will, of course, specialize in marmies. (I’d be glad to make an exception for those two beautiful calicos above.) My best friend and I have been brainstorming this for a while. We plan a kitty cafe’ like they have in Japan; we’ll specialize in vegan, gluten-free foods. Plus a studio where we can have art, live performances, Jazzercise and Music Together classes, a sauna and massage . . . (I’ve informed my friend she’ll have to go through the training for Jazzercise, Music Together, and massage therapy–I’m the idea person.) We’ll have safe, enclosed outdoor areas for the kitties, plus tunnels etc. inside. Then we’ll branch out into a petting zoo with donkeys and goats and other cute animals . . . . We add more every time we talk about it.

    But first: must go win the lottery.

  12. the calico!

  13. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and their love and support of rescues. I love photographing animals – especially when my photos can help animals in need. It is more difficult than some might think to work with shelters and I don’t have any coming forward when I offer to come in and photograph their animals. Even though my offer is completely free.
    If anyone volunteers, or works, in a shelter in the Greater Toronto Area, and thinks that I could be of help – please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Just a sidenote as well. The peacock feathers are 100% cruelty free. The wild peacocks living at Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary drop them every year after mating and my friend Susan collects them for all of us with pussycat families. 😀

  14. Magifiques photos!

  15. theoriginalmel says:

    I love catbrows on the white one.

  16. Omigosh!! My little kitteh who is 18 months old now, Lila – short for Delilah- came from there!!! It really is a great new building with the open concepts and communal rooms.
    Tragically back in 2008, there was a fire (read only if strong of heart):

    Any and all donations for this shelter that also has dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs …. even a pot bellied pig at one point… would be more than appreciated!! This shelter has the hearts of the whole Durham Region 😀

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this, Brinke. Good job ‘eh?

  17. I have a lottery ticket and a plan also..
    Only mine is horses (equines )

  18. AWW 😀 I am so glad to hear that you were able to give a dear sweet little kitty a loving forever home, DivaPie 😀 I just LOVE the name “Lila – short for Delilah” 😀

  19. Oh, maybe you can give one or two or more of those dear sweet kitties a loving forever home, Saffron 😀

  20. AWW, man 😀 Looks like I am not the only one with that dream of winning the lottery and having a kitty safe home for kitties to live out their lives in comfort with lots and lots of love 😀

  21. omg i want to be part of your club, Juno!

  22. I actually forgot to mention, Teresa, but I also picked up a 2nd kitteh from there as a Xmas gift for my BF!!!

    So 2 fur babies got loving forever homes after that shelter 😀