Cute Overload

Did U Say Cat Donuts? Really?


Dear Diary: The month-long Japanese Cute Assault continues. On my knees. First it was these these marching critters. And the otters shaking hands. Next, the Pokemon Cars. Yesterday, I thought the Cat Marshmallows did me in. Then they hit me with the Hamster Ninja House. Finally gathered the strength to get out of bed and I immediately get whacked with…

Cat Donuts.

Design Taxi gets the blame thanks for this..apparently based on the TV series “One Nya Hup.”

Quoting Gizmodiva: “The One Nya Hup inspired cat donuts will be released for purchase in mid-August 2013. They will sell for a limited period from August 15, at 109 ABENO SBY Shibuya 109, SBY SHIBUYA. Each one of these ‘pets’ will retail for 200 yen (approximately $2).”