Did U Say Cat Donuts? Really?

Dear Diary: The month-long Japanese Cute Assault continues. On my knees. First it was these these marching critters. And the otters shaking hands. Next, the Pokemon Cars. Yesterday, I thought the Cat Marshmallows did me in. Then they hit me with the Hamster Ninja House. Finally gathered the strength to get out of bed and I immediately get whacked with…

Cat Donuts.

Design Taxi gets the blame thanks for this..apparently based on the TV series “One Nya Hup.”


Quoting Gizmodiva: “The One Nya Hup inspired cat donuts will be released for purchase in mid-August 2013. They will sell for a limited period from August 15, at 109 ABENO SBY Shibuya 109, SBY SHIBUYA. Each one of these ‘pets’ will retail for 200 yen (approximately $2).”



  1. The good news is, they’d be too cute to ever eat, which is good for my “diet”.

  2. Brinke, are you taunting us again?!? I’m sure these aren’t available in the US either. 😦

  3. Japan is just on a roll. And the roll’s prolly got a cute kitteh on it.

  4. It’s not called “One Nya Hup” – It’s called “Dounyatsu”. “Nya” is the sound a cat makes, and “dounatsu/ドーナツ” is the word for donut. Ergo, cat-donuts that defy translation.

  5. meh. you see one talking cat donut, you seen ’em all.

  6. maybe so…on bunday

  7. Clairdelune says:

    Here I was, thinking that a decade spent surrounded by Japanese cute everything had inured me even to Hello Kitty, but THERE WEREN’T ANY CAT DONUTS WHEN I WAS THERE!! NOT FAIR!!

  8. 😀

  9. There’s also lots of figures if anyone (else) is interested

  10. Dear Japan: over here donuts are passé. It’s all about cronuts now. So the score is 5:1. ‘Murica!

  11. It’s The Circle or The Round! Yes, the donuts remind me of Maru.

  12. I love that the brown one is called Bagel.

  13. Ok, so the name is pronounced “Dohnya–“. Which is a pun on “donut” (which is pronounced “dohnatsu”) and the sound cats make, “nyan”. The “Hup” translation in the English title is because the with the Japanese pronunciation’s glottal stop, it’s like the title is being interrupted partway through, which is pretty cute in the original Japanese.

  14. Dunkin’ really needs to get on these…

  15. …but cronuts aren’t the least bit CUTE!

  16. At the end of the second vid it shows One Nya Hup merchandise and there are STICKERS! WANT!!

    And…can we get some CO translations? (Really, we all might as well give in and learn Japanese!)

  17. So they made an anime of Donyatsu? I’ve been following the manga, which is very cute, but also slightly disturbing.

  18. I don’t think they are available on the West Coast of Canada either, ceejoe 😦

  19. I’m baffled by how anyone could find a word ending with P in Japanese…XD