THIS JUST IN: Maru/Hana Nose Boop GIF!

We bring you the latest chapter in our continuing struggle effort to translate Mugumogu.


“Maru: [I detected a strange creature] Maru Chibi cat released in the place you’re interested. Chibi cat Greetings to circle’s first and foremost. . Because Maru was interested in a kitten, I left a cage Open The kitten Said hello to Maru Foremost “scary …… This ultra-what.” Maru: [. Wow, this is a terrible creature] some interest, but it is stay away first meeting and scary.”


“After that, the habit of going to smell from their own, and repeated the escape to say it “. stopped” when the nose Chu. Maru was afraid of a kitten first. Afterwards, Maru smelled the kitten many times. However, he escaped When the kitten Approached.”




  1. “This ultra-what.” Indeed, Circle. Indeed.

  2. Wow, this is a terrible creature] some interest, but it is stay away first meeting and scary.” That translation is scary!!!

  3. Teeny little Hana makes Maru look enormous! Ha.

  4. I think the translations are fun! Maru as The Circle is the best part…

  5. Hang in there The Round! You’ll be best friends, soon enough.

    I never want more accurate translations than these. They are too perfect.

  6. I think that’s ‘cos he is. Even when Hana is fully grown, Maru will look enormous. He is The Circle after all.

  7. I think this is the first time Maru has looked unsure of himself. I don’t know if I like eet.

  8. “The Round” is my favorite translation X3

  9. AWW 😀

  10. Not just The Circle, that boy is a Sphere! Such a chubster. I love him.

  11. I love the nose chu. I believe ‘chu’ is an onomatopoeia for ‘kiss’ in Japanese. Very adorable nose chu!

  12. it “. stopped” when the nose Chu. Maru was afraid of a kitten first.

    Should probably compare the original before making an assumption, but “Chu” possibly is referring to the Japanese onomatopoeia for a mouse squeak.

    So basically, while they were sniffing each other, Tiny’s nose squeaked and Maru got scared of the sound.

  13. I am entirely too interested in the fact that a strange woman in Japan has gotten a new cat. I don’t care, though; I looooooooove the Circle!

    I’ll just leave this here:

  14. Haha, I was going to translate it, but Mogumogu already did the job…I love the part where it said Maru gets really freaked out when Hana kisses him on the noes.Apparently Maru’s all “EEP!” and runs away.

  15. Man, when Maru fluffs up, he FLUFFS UP.

  16. ‘Chu’ is also the onomatopoeia for a kiss, so I’m going to assume given the context that it’s that…

  17. Honestly, for me much of the appeal of Mugumogu’s posts are the awkward English translations she provides. I would never want them to be more accurate.

  18. He’s also all fluffed up! And with Maru, that’s a LOT of fluff!

  19. It could be either or but I was hoping if was the mouse speak the translator would have written it chuu as I’ve often seen it. Not that we can trust the translator at all but since I was speculating anyway I went with kiss.

  20. Whoa. Many typos in that. I shouldn’t reply from my tablet.

  21. Actually, mugumogu did write chuu, or chu-, to be precise. But yeah, I’m pretty sure she means kiss here, given the picture.

  22. Nice hanamaru!

    Speaking of that, hanamaru (花丸) apparently means a kind of flower circle teachers draw on papers to indicate a job well done, equivalent to a gold star.

  23. Maru’s quite a scaredy-cat, really. He’s been frightened by, so far, crows, a pigeon he had been stalking, a stag beetle that was crawling toward him, air conditioner maintenance crews, doorbells, a wet towel he touched, stick toys that mugumogu unexpectedly move in his direction, and being in public. You can look up the three “Maru is cautious” videos on her youtube channel as well. But apparently he’s fine with vacuum cleaners, something that most cats seem to be freaked out by.

  24. I’m amused to see Maru’s as silly as my Sammy. When I got a kitten a couple of months ago, Sammy spent three (3) days hiding atop a suitcase in the closet in fear of the “terrifying creature” who was underweight at the time and weighed all of 17 oz.

  25. lol, I dunno, I think anyone that’s watched two cats get to know each other, would understand that. 🙂

  26. Cool! I learned something new already today–I guess that means I can slack off till tomorrow. 😀

  27. Clairdelune says:

    I LOVE Chibi!! So small and so brave!! I suspect that Chibi expects to be the alpha-cat… 🙂

  28. Yay, something else about Maru to translate!

    Maru: In-intruder detected!

    As soon as Maru showed interest, I let out the kitten.

    The kitten went to greet Maru straight away.

    Maru: What is this?! It’s really scary…

    On their first meeting, he showed interest but he was scared when the kitten approached him. After that, even though he tried to sniff her several times, when their noses bopped he’d go “yan” and run away again and again.

  29. petless in Puddletown says:

    I am reminded of Charles Barkley, aka Sir Cumference…
    Also I now can’t get “The Circle of Life” from Lion King outta my head, so thanks for that.

  30. poor Maru. Losing his precious position as an Only Cat. Has to share attention, food, and even love with the little interloper now. Love how he wants to sniff the little creature but backs away like he’s been scalded when kitten comes to him!
    I hope to see pics soon of Maru & baby playing then snuggling up sleeping together.

  31. TOTALLY! In some ways, they capture the simple joy of the videos more accuratly than well, ACCURACY would!

    I’ll never be able to think of Maru as anything but The Round (The Circle) and Hanna as The Strange. 😉

  32. Mine as well. 😉 Total perfection.

  33. Kind of like Eskimo-Kiss for Kitties. ;D That reconciles both!

  34. petless in Puddletown says:

    How do I go about obtaining a Get Out of Mod Lounge Free card?? Happy to contribute to the Community… um… Fund.

  35. AWW 😀 I am so glad that you are able to give another kitty a loving forever home, traceyg36 😀 What is the name of your new sweet little kitty? 😀

  36. Mugumogu already provides many English captions which make more sense than google’s translation. Her English is much better than any software can do Japanese. Maybe you can turn the auto translate off and check that before reposting it 🙂