THIS JUST IN: Goldie Overload ACTION

From the Who Knew? file- there’s a Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland!

Ah, we missed out! It wuz last month @ Guisachan Estate, Tomich, Invernesshire, Scotland. (Muttering: ‘Must find on Google Maps & book airfare for 2014…’)



o-GOLDEN-900 (1)

o-GOLDEN-900 (2)
Photos by Gordon Richardson. Thanks to Cuteporters Tamara H., Christine K. and Sofia C.



  1. Ok, Iowa, move over. “Heaven” has just moved to Scotland!

  2. Why didn’t I know about this?

  3. Oh no .. they are breeding like rabbits .. RUN AWAY FROM THE CUTENESS AARRRGGHH !!!

  4. I know, I am thinking the same thing. This is like #UltimateSnorgleFest.

  5. Yay! My submeeshon was accepted 😀 I particularly like the pupper in the 1st pic with his tongue lolling out to the side, he just had to be different! Corgi’s and Golden’s are top of the list of the “Perpetual Happy Dog Face” rankings.

  6. rocinrobin says:

    This is a golden opportunity!

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    Re: Pic#4–Why yes, yes I do!

    Scotland just got AWESOMER!!!!!!

  8. The second picture is all “Squirrel!”

  9. How come my back yard sprouts only weeds, and not golden doggehs? WHY???

  10. WHA? Who….? WHAT. *eyes cross* *SPLODE*

  11. 260Oakley says:

    And when the wee doggies want a swim, they visit Scotland’s famous Goldie Lochs.

  12. loribelle says:

    St. Andrews golf clap…

  13. Soooooo many happy smiling puppy faces 😀

  14. I hope no one took the wrong one home!

  15. Which one’s mine? The golden one.

  16. I wondered the same thing when I heard about this over the weekend… You better hope they all were chipped!

    Beyond that, what a massive field filled with Goldies!!

  17. Loch CuteNess Monsters

  18. Let me get this straight: Scotland has Shetland ponies wearing sweaters AND a Golden Retriever festival? And I’m in NY…why, exactly?

  19. Marcella Moorcroft says:

    This golden retriever festival makes me want to move to Scotland, too! It is abnosome (abnormal yet awesome)!

  20. Teresa in NC says:

    That first photo….. a field full of love.

  21. All those smiling goggie faces… How sweet are they?!!

  22. Scotland is a truly awesome place, everybody should visit it at least once (you’ll keep going back there). Just hope the weather stays fine, which in Scotland just means “not lashing down with rain”.

    But a field full of goldies??????? Even in the rain that’s good.

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  24. I think we need to organize a CO group tour for next year.

  25. Cue: Stings Fields of Gold. Seriously, I didn’t know anyone had taken pictures of Heaven, and yet, here they are!

  26. lisaLASSIE says:

    Well done.

  27. Chris Miele says:

    There were about 15 countries at this Gathering. There were 222 Goldens including the puppy shown in the photo. THe ruins in the background are the ancestral home of the Golden Retriever, Guisachan. It was truly magical.

  28. They were probably all wearing nametags with owner’s contact info on it or something (they’re all leashed so I ?could see this happening.) 🙂