That’s IT – Moving To Tokyo – SEEYA!

MORE from JP? We just had marshmallows, and now—a NINJA HAMSTER HOUSE!!!! Can’t..take..much more of…this. Is RocketNews24 hiring?

[Memo to self- call agent. Wait, I have no agent. Disregard.]


And what the heck, let’s toss another log onto the fire. DED. (clunk.)

Cuteporter Andrew Y. FTW.



  1. Oh…my…gosh!! Soooo cute! Love the secret passageways! (Notice it is surgically clean, too)

    I’m always scared they’re gonna pop a hole in their cheeks pouches with stunts like that! Amazing how much they can stretch.

  2. Did anyone else get the idea that about the 4th time thru, the wee one thought: “Holy Corn RatMan, how do I get out of this thing?!”

  3. I was glad he broke that little end of the corn off, because that would have been a bit much to cram in there.

  4. remember the hammie with the long stick pretzel? just kept stuffing it until it stopped, nibbling through it, then stuffing more, and so on, until he had it all, erm, squirrelled away…

  5. Teresa in NC says:

    I’m sure somewhere there’s a building inspector counting off violations for lack of stair handrails, balcony railings, etc…

    What the heck. That house is adorable!

  6. I want to live in that house! (Stomps feet then kicks out the hamsters)

    As for Mr Stuffikins! What was he saving it for anyways? It’s not like there was another hammie there he had to share it with. “Do my cheeks look big in this?”

  7. The Original Jane says:

    First video: That house is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more better than a hamster wheel! But poor guy can’t find the kitchen. They need to amend that problem pronto.

    (And for our resident librarians, I don’t care if “more better” isn’t proper grammar – it ought to be.)

  8. He did start looking a little frantic, but I think The Original Jane twigged it: He just couldn’t believe there was no kitchen.

  9. Second video…kind of worries me….Granted, you can’t see everything, but that little cubby feels kind of small for a hamster, especially a Syrian. Hoping they just had the camera sitting inside and it’s a much bigger space.

  10. The teeny tatami gives the house just the right touch…

  11. it really ties the habitrail together

  12. Omg exactly what I was thinking!! And the tiny art on the tiny walls and furniture! I want to meet whoever makes stamp sized paintings for the hamstoo house!!

  13. I wonder what the rent is on one of those flats ?

  14. Thank you for my new vocabulary word. (and thank you Can I go home now that I’ve learned something?

  15. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!

  16. It has to be said” I HAZ A CORM!

  17. How is this not on cute overload it is a video that come up after you watch the first one! I wish I had the time and patience to built this for my rats!

  18. someone is definitely peeing on it.