Does A Bear Scritch In The Woods?

You bet they do.

Video by Alberta Parks : send in by several Cuteporters including Art D.

Kodalai asked for an animated .GIF. We can do that!

Bear on Make A Gif



  1. There was a scritching orgy there for a while. 😉

  2. Oh lordy, I look and all I see is bears pole-dancing…

  3. Oops I’m in the mod-lounge I should of said “party” I guess.

    Lets see is there any cranberry-white chocolate muffins around, I didn’t have breakfast yet.

  4. Is that a bear-nip tree?

    I liked how the deer, puma (cougar?) and other bears gave the tree a wide berth after the Fantastic Four’s scratch-fest.

  5. Did anyone else get really itchy watching this?

  6. I’ve heard that all animals yawn–it’s a cross-species thing. Maybe scratching is too?

  7. I was wondering if that particular tree has, like, the BEST bark in the entire forest or what, but the description on the YouTube page suggests that it is a designated scent-communication tree.

  8. Teresa in NC says:

    It’s a scritching orgy! 😮

  9. Dance fools, dance!

    One of those there mammalian bacchanalias! Sort of like:

  10. Especially around the 0:54 mark!


    Fantastic range of critters caught by that camera trap! Also, having worked with camera traps – the number of photos those folks had to go through to pick out those images…wow. Very nice!

  12. fleurdamour says:

    Or the best d*mn pole dancing disco in the whole forest. The Country Bears Jamboree, adults only version.

  13. fleurdamour says:

    Puts spring break into perspective.

  14. Gah, remember those 60s beach party movies, that always had some anthropologist or something following the kids around, making some kind of study of their behavior? 😆

  15. woofiesma says:

    Love it! Pole dancing bears. That must be one sweet tree.

  16. Who designates it a scent-communication tree? The Bear King ?? I was wondering the same thing, what is it about *that* tree that’s so appealing? Fun video though.

  17. tiamatsdg says:

    Is there only 1 good tree in all of the Alberta Parks?

  18. I loff this so much!! Also, I wonder what the story is with the four bears, I didn’t think they traveled in packs like that. A momma with two nearly grown cubs, that I can see, but four? Unless it’s four youngsters who have banded together? So much to think about…

  19. That is one popular tree! (Would be funny if it was a poplar tree!)

  20. Big cats @ 2:00! Too cool! North American (continent) big cats!

  21. I think it’s great they found a use for all that wasted footage from trying to capture bigfoot on camera.

  22. There definitely needs to be a pole-dancing bear gif!

  23. CO never closes. U ask, we deliver. Done!

  24. fleurdamour says:

    It’s a party! Two of them even breakdance while their buds get down with the tree.

  25. THREE cubs AND a single parent? O_O I’d want a scratchy relaxation time, too!

  26. Wow! What an awesome video. I love the cats, I love the bears and the deer too. I wonder why that tree attracts the bears? I wish there was more footage of the cougars. Oh well…

  27. Me too!

  28. Sharon Wilson says:

    Definitely NOT the place to pitch your tent!