Bunday: People, Meet Fatpie*

“Hello! This is Fatpie. She dislikes breakfasts that are too late and will attack feet that dare to have a lie-in.” -Suzanne P.


(*IMO Best Bun Name Evah.)


  1. My brain just wants to say that as “Fattypie”. I guess cutie pie is in my mind when I look at this cutie.

  2. I second the comment on best name evar!

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Fatpie? Fatpie??? Love eet!!!🙂

    I’m with her on the early breakfast thing.

  4. Fatpie, don’t look behind you!

  5. Huzzah for American Sables!! *His Nibs waves in the direction of Fatpie, “Hey, Sis!” 🙂

  6. SlaveToCat says:

    And mom always said there were no monsters in the bedroom closet. HA!!
    Well, maybe no monsters just a big green NSA boogie man.

  7. I can just imagine those big, brawny NSA agents sifting over tetrabytes upon tetrabytes of kitteh and puppeh pictures and videos… Not to mention swetewh-clad ponies and hedgies and bebbeh koalas and capybaras and llamas and bubble-eyed goldfish…

  8. If he gets lettuce on his paws he might even suddenly start searching for the perfect spoon…



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