Stole This Pose From Tom Cruise

Watched the first Mission:Impossible movie, y’know. Course I haven’t found any sqwerl-sized radio headsets & Ninja Gear.




  1. Looks like he’s cooling his ‘nads.

  2. I’m sure you mean the Squirrel.

  3. Cruise has nads?

  4. ooooooh, good one!

  5. Sneaky way to get a photo of Tom C. into CO. Personally, imo, he does *not* make the calendar. Just sayin’.

  6. CO Calendar: Squirrel, yes, Tom, no.

  7. awwww he must be hot, poor cutie pie.

  8. Dog Lover says:

    Tom WISHES he was as cute and fuzzular as this sqwerlio. :)


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