Cats Are Off-The-Wall!

Apparently we’ve been mistaken about walls. These cats show us that simply hitting a wall is no reason to stop going.

Fave Frame:
Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.04.42 AM
Andy’s sister, George, has figured out how to take corners at speed – run across the wall in a parkour fashion. She’s been doing this for months but it’s taken us a while to get it on video. At the beginning of the video she does her jump/climb of a doorframe – she does this when she’s happy (when you’re happy and you know it climb the walls). All the best to you CuteOverload folks for making the internets a happier place.” -Hilary P.


  1. Favorite line…”when you’re happy and you know it, climb the walls”!

  2. Cats demand to be masters of everything around them, including walls, humans, plants, any other thing might be considered an “obstacle”. My cat refuses to walk around me when I’m laying or sitting on the floor – he climbs and walks on top of me.

  3. Mine, too. I generally need a couple cups of coffee before I can climb the walls. :mrgreen:

  4. 7-8 cups for me. 8D

  5. victoreia says:

    Yup. Same here! And some walk more heavily than others.

  6. I also want to know how they alter their molecular weight cause sometimes my kittehs will jump off of a table and land softly like the tiniest feather. And other times (usually the middle of the night) they jump off same table and land THUD.

  7. Catum physics…

  8. 4 espressos or a really STRONG cup of coffee and I will be climbing walls 😀

  9. Yeah or make YOU walk around or over them in a careful manner as they lay either on top of the stairs, on the stairs or on the floor, sugitomo 😀

  10. gretelhallett says:

    My boy cat (Cato) can leap with absolute precision from the fanlight on to my stomach when I’m fast asleep in bed – he never misses … ooof! And yes, how do they do that absolutely silent thing sometimes and other times sound like they’re wearing hobnail boots?!