Bugly Ducklings

News Flash: Ducks eat bugs. They don’t only dabble in pond weed ‘n stuffs. We have proof!

Buzzy Bug Birds are go! Watch out, buzzy bugs.

Somebody’s more interested in making ripples.

Meanwhile … Look, Ma! No hands winglets! Glomp! Got one!

“I was taking a walk through the park tonight when I realized that the pond was full of the smallest, cutest, fuzziest baby ducklings. They were all jumping into the air to eat bugs (hence the picture of the little yellow-bellied guy in the air). Cutest thing I have EVER seen. Photos taken by me, Kelsey.”



  1. Words fail me!

  2. HAHAHAH!! Aww!! =}

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I know that, even though they are “dabblers,” they will dive for snails. But I’ve never seen them go after bugs like this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. LOVE the last photo!

  5. Excellent hovertext! The double rainbow guy is jealous of the triple ripples 😀

  6. Kelsey, your photos are beautiful!!

  7. darkling is hustling to back up second base in case there’s a throw after the catch

  8. Squee on the yellow tum-tum!


  10. I’m glad for any animals that eat bugs living in the south an’ all.

  11. Amen! So ready to say goodbye to all the skeeters!