Sad news on a Friday night, peeps. Jay has passed away, according to his hoomin Christina. She just posted the news on FB.


Thank-you to AuntieBellum. Second image from the Jay FB page.



  1. Dear sweet adorable Jay! You will be very.much missed. Sympathies to his family.

  2. :< Poor sweet Jay. Dream well, little guy.

  3. Christina V says:

    Thank you so much for the memorial to my little Jay, this brought a smile to my sad heart tonight.

  4. He did well. That he made it to 15 years of age is rather impressive. Jay had a good life, to say the least. A pet can never be replaced but the love is always paid forward.

  5. 😥

  6. Oh Christina, I’m so sorry for your loss. Little Jay made so many of us smile. Hugs are winging their way from me to you.

  7. Cynthia M says:

    Say hi to my fur babies in Heaven, Jay. They’ll show you around.

  8. warrior rabbit says:

    Love you, Jay. You always made me smile. Thank you.

  9. Melanie Bellware says:

    Hope you find eveything and everyone over the Rainbow Bridge. 🙂

  10. 😦 baroooo

  11. sleep well little buddy…we’ll miss u ❤

  12. Andi in NC says:

    lettin’ my tongue droop out to the left in his honor – thanks for bringing us joy!

  13. It is sad on Earth today, now that you’re gone sweet puppeh, but I bet there’s a great party happenin’ at the Rainbow Bridge. Have fun!

  14. Jay – I hope Red Bull is faithfully escorting you and Grand-dad around the verdant meadow by the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you keep busy keeping my youngins in line while they wait for me. Your Mom will be along in a while too, a while though as she’ll still be busy here. I expect by the time your Mom arrives you’ll have all Gods creatures, great and small, lined up in regiments to give the Queen Mother a proper greeting. ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. Dog Lover says:

    Christina, I’m so sorry for your loss. Jay brought so much joy to so many people and that is truly the gift he leaves behind. I’m sure he’s rockin’ it at the Bridge, his health restored and his gentle spirit flourishing. We’ll miss you lots, little buddy.

  16. Christina, I’m so sorry for the loss of adorable little Jay. You gave him such a good life and in return he’s left you with wonderful memories, I’m sure.

  17. Sending prayers to Christina for her loss. Jay was a sweet little angel and we will all miss him 😦

  18. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What a wonderful way to send off your dear friend. He will always be with you in your heart and in your memories. Never really gone.

    I sent one of my ratties off with a small slice of banana, just in case.

  19. I’m so sorry Christina, your sweet tribute to Jay on his Facebook is so sweet and I melted into a puddle of tears! You were both such good friends to each other and helped each other through some of the hardest parts of life. You and your family saved his life and he gave you so much love with that life! Thinking of you all…Jay is sitting in your dad’s lap again and they will see you again ❤

  20. First Schoep and now Jay… So very sorry Christina for your loss. Little Jay was a big lion in a little dogs body.

  21. RIP Jay–thy tongue will be missed.

  22. Donna Pronk says:

    Jay always brought sunshine into my life!!! Thank you for sharing your baby with us. May all your fond memories of your life together bring you peace at this emotional time of your lives.

  23. Deepest sympathies to you and your family (fur- and feather-babies included). Jay was an adorabuhl dog and will be missed. I have no doubt he is loving all the fuss over his passing even now from his perch on your dad’s lap!

  24. I cried all the way through the eulogy on FB, having lost my share of rescue pets, and currently worried about yet another. 😦 Silly little King Jay. 😦

  25. Kellie A. says:

    So sorry for the loss of Jay. I only saw him here on Cute Overload, but I am a dog lover and so I will miss him. I bet my friends in heaven will welcome him into their dog gang… Slim, our English Setter, Skippy, my cockapoo, Link, a weiner dog friend, and Goose, a Maltese poodle. For SURE, all dogs go to heaven. God bless Jay’s humans at this time of loss. 😦

  26. Omg. I read the note on the FB page. Jay’s story was truly beautiful and did make me tear up a little…

  27. I lost my dearly loved cat last month on 10th. He also had IBD but it was something else that made me let him go. A suspected brain tumor. I am still very sad and miss him so much! I know the devastation of the loss!