Thor? I’m Not Thor…

I’m jutht sthiff from thtanding in thith thilly thuper thuit, thath all.

Found on Facebook by Constance.


  1. Pushy McShove says:

    i hold the hammer of the dogs!

  2. And will smite it at Wagnarok!

  3. Thuch a cyootie!! But whothe cruel idea ith it to thpell ‘lithp’ with an ‘s’ (eth?)???

  4. Tonguesgiving super hero style.

  5. jennaabts says:

    It’s… It’s a Thorgi!

  6. Beat me to it!

  7. Tho hanthome!

  8. You forgot your thaddle, thilly!

  9. yay! i love corgsplay pics!

  10. That poor dog .. he has no idea he’s being made ridiculous…

  11. Actually, this is *my* dog, and he’s a puppy named Merlin. He loves his costume, except for the helmet. He also loves the attention that it gets him because he is a total attention seeker. I am planning to do Captain Americorgi, and wanted to do Iron Corgi as well, but I imagine hard parts will be very interesting to tackle.

    I also wanted to do Loki, but so little people actually recognized he was Thor, I can’t imagine anyone but total geeks would understand who he is. My plan for this halloween is the Dogtor and the C.O.R.G.I.S.

    Here is a whole album of the costume pieces:

  12. I see Loki as more of a black cat actually. He IS adopted, after all….

  13. I’m glad you posted, so maybe you can get an appropriate credit. When I saw this on fb it was shared from your page, so it can’t be that hard to find.

  14. Madame X says:

    No! He is absolutely, positively, totally AWESOME! In fact, he is MARVELous!

    Corgis and Avengers – a match made in cute/geek heaven… Now I can’t wait for Iron Corgi, Captain Americorgi, Nick Furball…

  15. It’s Thorgi!

  16. Tho thweet! I loff him. And thuper-hero leash is fab.

  17. Da puppth of Thunder !

  18. Killer Klown says:

    Thwow the thithck! Throw the thithck!

    Whath you mean it cometh back on ith own..?


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