I Went Down To Schwab’s Pharmacy To Get Discovered..

…then they told me it closed 30 years ago. NOW how am I gonna hit the big time? I don’t WANNA do reality TV. U like my ‘Come Hither‘ look?

Via Reddit.



  1. Dog Lover says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cuter dog in my entire life. Holy moly!!! *thud*

  2. …. either take away the “come hither” or move the leetle front paws…. this is just too much non-puppeh-ness!!

  3. Puppers is far cuter than any hoomin reality tv “star” ! 🙂

  4. The cultural ref is completely lost on me, but that puppershon’s expression sure does speak the language of cute, which is something we can all understand.

  5. Showing my age: Movie star Lana Turner was discovered there…sitting at the soda fountain, I believe. Click on the “it was closed 30 years ago” link.

  6. mariposas says:

    This lil girly would be the match for my doggie they look alike!

  7. I’m with Vanessa, so thanks for the history lesson, Cheryl! 🙂 What a cute puppers!

  8. Mauderules says:

    You said a mouthful there, Amyliz.