It’s International Assistance Dog Week!

It’s running through August 10th. Find out more here, and don’t forget to give this little knucklehead below a virtual snorgle! (And isn’t that John Cleese with the narration from a couple years back? Dogtober sounds like a great idea–maybe we can combine it with ‘Tocktober?)




  1. awww… this made my day. thanks a bunch

  2. Dog Lover says:

    Absolutely fantastic!!! Service dogs are the best things ever! 🙂

  3. JenDeyan says:

    No! Don’t get divorced! *spews dollars at puppy*

  4. Adorable. Those little costumes are hilarious.

  5. John Cleese and puppies together in the same video? This is madness I tellsya Madness!

  6. Smartypants says:

    “twelve out of ten people donate” LOL!

  7. 4leafclover says:


  8. August can become dog-ust. Since we’re a few months away from dogtober/tocktober.