Around the Living Room in Eighty Days

Bidding farewell to the natives of Pago Pago, I set my sights on Bora Bora, and from there to Baden Baden, Qhora Qhora, Zam Zam, and Omsk. Alas, a haboob from Hibhib buffeted my balloon willy-nilly, to either Wagga Wagga or Walla Walla.

Grace M. writes: “This is Margot.  I adopted her about four years ago, and what a bundle of joy!  She drops jaws wherever she goes since she’s constantly performing tricks and dancing.  I walk and bike with her a lot, and  it turns a lot of heads when I’ve got my giant dog on one side and her boopin’ around on my head.”



  1. Lovely!

  2. Yellow headed Amazon! Great little birds! I actually saw one with her person in the subway a couple of weeks ago.

    NTMTOM, you beast. 😀

  3. that’s no amazon …. that’s a space station! (or a conure….)

  4. I’ve never had a pretty bird boop around on my head, but it’s now on my bukkit list.

  5. 4leafclover says:

    Ha! NTMTOM, you’re so clever!!

  6. RRRAAAAACCCCC … Polly wants a dirigible .. (and a cracker)

  7. It’s okay, man. So long as they don’t drop you off on Lake Titicaca, you can still turn around. There ain’t no gettin’ out of Lake Titicaca, though. 🙂

  8. ” Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon” ?

  9. Or into the crater of Popocatapetl.

  10. You’d wanna hope the boopin’ didn’t turn into poopin’!

  11. NTMTOM, you have outdone even yourself!

  12. they won’t let you out until you pronounce every syllable without a SINGLE mistake

  13. quoth NTMTOM, “That’s what we do, ma’am”. *tips hat*

  14. Looks to me like he’s headed to Oz! or is that back to Kansas ..

  15. Ok now THAT’s stuck in my head 🙂