Around the Living Room in Eighty Days

Bidding farewell to the natives of Pago Pago, I set my sights on Bora Bora, and from there to Baden Baden, Qhora Qhora, Zam Zam, and Omsk. Alas, a haboob from Hibhib buffeted my balloon willy-nilly, to either Wagga Wagga or Walla Walla.

Grace M. writes: “This is Margot.  I adopted her about four years ago, and what a bundle of joy!  She drops jaws wherever she goes since she’s constantly performing tricks and dancing.  I walk and bike with her a lot, and  it turns a lot of heads when I’ve got my giant dog on one side and her boopin’ around on my head.”


  1. Lovely!

  2. Yellow headed Amazon! Great little birds! I actually saw one with her person in the subway a couple of weeks ago.

    NTMTOM, you beast. :D

  3. that’s no amazon …. that’s a space station! (or a conure….)

  4. I’ve never had a pretty bird boop around on my head, but it’s now on my bukkit list.

  5. 4leafclover says:

    Ha! NTMTOM, you’re so clever!!

  6. RRRAAAAACCCCC … Polly wants a dirigible .. (and a cracker)

  7. It’s okay, man. So long as they don’t drop you off on Lake Titicaca, you can still turn around. There ain’t no gettin’ out of Lake Titicaca, though. :)

  8. Or into the crater of Popocatapetl.

  9. they won’t let you out until you pronounce every syllable without a SINGLE mistake

  10. ” Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon” ?

  11. Ok now THAT’s stuck in my head :)

  12. You’d wanna hope the boopin’ didn’t turn into poopin’!

  13. NTMTOM, you have outdone even yourself!

  14. quoth NTMTOM, “That’s what we do, ma’am”. *tips hat*

  15. Looks to me like he’s headed to Oz! or is that back to Kansas ..


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