Really, Riley? Really?

Well folks, it looks like Riley’s been caught. He would have got away with smuggling those diamonds too, except for one thing. Stuffies. No dog can resist ripping the stuffing out of stuffies.

“My 4 year old Jug (jack/pug), Riley… who obviously likes to make a mess.” -Dani B.



  1. Cynthia M says:

    Aww, Riley is so cute! And I love the appellation “jug!”

  2. He totally belongs on the “Dog Shaming” website. But he’s too cute to get mad at.

  3. rescue gal says:

    Yikes- are those those drying salts they put in toys and things?? Those are total poison! Get them away from the pup!!

  4. A skwerl in the yard may be quite continental but diamonds are a dog’s best friend.

  5. They’re plastic beads, still not a pup treat though.

  6. She should get a second “Jug”.
    Lots of Jugs jokes could be had.

  7. Yeah, they look like silicia beads to me too. You know, the ones that typically say “do not eat” all over them? 😦