Redonk Just Got Redonkier

Amelia Rise Donkey farm presents redonkulous miniature donkey redonkeyage beyond redonkeyable redonkeydom!

And this is Poppi, AKA Mrs. Mouse, one of their two rescue pups, hitchin’ a ride on Snugglepot.

Livingstone and Snugglepot following a wee Hobbit, 15 month old boy named, Jack.

Hi. Hi. How are you? Good and you? Not bad. Nice weather today. Sure is. (making small talk)

Snugglepot snugglin’ Jack.

Donkey Livingstone I presume?

Snugglepot’s back! Small world, eh!

And Jack loves Cuddle Pie. Oh, it’s no big thing.

As seen on HuffPost Green. Photos by David Caird/Newspix/Rex USA. Amelia Rise Donkeys on Facebook



  1. Andi in NC says:

    All of the photos are beyond cute but scroll….scroll….scroll…then SMACK – that last one slapped me right upside the head with cute!!!

  2. Tinkertoki says:

    I melted. From all the redonk cute. I’m done for the day.

  3. I know, right? I was able to hold back an actual squee til that last one!

  4. Jack is a very lucky little boy.

  5. I wanna be Jack !

  6. Lauren in Georgia says:

    AWWW!!! These made me think of how much my horses loved my children when they were babies. They would gently sniff them all over and rest their chin on my shoulder.

  7. Oh my word how sweet was that?!

  8. I call matchingks on photo number 6.

  9. Since this is in Australia, is the leetle boy giving belleh rubs counter clockwise versus those of us north of the equator who belleh rub clockwise?

    I am sure I now need to go to there and rub those soft donkeys’ bellehs to find out. All in the name of research. And snorgling.

  10. I want to go to there and meet somebody named Snugglepot.

  11. Donkeys are kewl. Awesome little kid too.

  12. Adorable…

  13. Where is this magical place? I must go there at once!!