Head Asplodey Hazard Ahead

But it’s totally worth the reesk! Hedgie. Leecks. Feets! Th- th- th- that’s all folks!

“I have found it. The cutest video ever. Cute Overload can just pack up and close shop after this. The internet is done.  I’m dead over here. Dead from cuteness. I watch the video on repeat all the time, so I can remain dead. You can thank me when you are also dead. It’s Nuala, a sweet little hedgie girl, and her mama is my friend, Colleen Regan.” -Jen S.



  1. Awww. Such a fastidious prickly little cutie.

    It reminds me of (hoomin) babies, and how they chew on their toes and stuff.

  2. I… I…. I don’t have a pulse!!!

  3. i would initiate CPR, but, agh…ack…i am also ded from the cute

  4. I wonder if it tickles when he cleans his own feetsies.

  5. 6rabbits says:

    *drags out the defibrathingy. Sets up cots for Ashley P and kat. Stands by for more ded COs* If Nurse Stephie is around…um…help?

  6. Gail Fielding says:

    Cute Overload, what are you doing to me? The Nobel Committee needs to establish a new category for this delightful little Hedgehog, such as “World-Peace Inspiring Act of Cuteness”.

    Thoroughly and insanely and completely mind-meltingly adorable. Babbling like an idiot at the RIDICULOUS levels of cuteness.

    This hedgehog (and his delicious little feetsies) has raised the bar for all cuteness to come.

  7. Thud !

  8. Valerie B says:

    That is adorbs!

  9. Oooh, I recognize this little cutie pie! Nuala goes to the same vet as my bunnies, and I’ve always wanted to see her in person. This is the best video! The way she is so delicate with her little licks is so adorable. Such a little sweetie.

  10. *DED*

  11. JenDeyan says:

    I love it when babies chew on their feets! Why is that so cute?!

  12. Also, DED.

  13. It bothers my OCD self that her left rear paw doesn’t seem to get as well cleaned as the rest! But I LOVE how her front paws go over her eyes when she’s licking her back feets. Adorbs!!

  14. Did anyone else notice that she keeps her eyes open even when her little paws are smooshed in them? Maybe hedgies like clean eyeballs as well as feetsies!

  15. Ha HA! I begged Colleen to put this video on YouTube! I watched it multiple times and just had to submit it to CuteOverload. I knew it was worthy of many watches. Glad it got it’s well-deserved time in the CuteOverload sun ^_^

  16. Sharon Wilson says:


  17. I wish my hedgie would clean her own feetsies! That’s so cute!

  18. You go to SEAV’s as well? very cool. I’m sure we’ll run into eachother sooner or later. glad you enjoyed my lil Nuala. 🙂

  19. I have to say, you were right! glad you pushed me to post it! 🙂