Friday Haiku: Ready 4 Take Off

Cute tiny butterflies
Grow up from caterpillars
And fly to the sky

Photo By Bonnie Vculek/Associated Press, as seen on SFGate.



  1. I wonder if they have a little thumb they put it in their mouth to blow up their wings…

  2. Must have been a pretty rough night out with the boys.

  3. Oh my, the brain cute
    This is the mental image
    Of the day, Thank you!

  4. Just out of the chrysalis, its wings need to dry and unfold for flight.

  5. I stagger once
    Then gather my strength.
    Freckles, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Go Cub Scouts! What a great project to imprint on young minds. As a Brownie, I learned how to wrap gifts……no science for little girls back then!

  7. Dog Lover says:

    And I learned how to set a table as a Brownie. 🙂

    This is such a great life lesson for the Cubbies.

  8. In 3rd grade, each of us got our own little caterpillars that had their own little cup of dirt and food and stuff, and we took care of them and watched them turn into a chrysalis (spelling?) and then a butterfly, and we released them at the end. A friend bumped into me one day while they were still in their chrysalises and I was holding mine in his cup, and the chrysalis fell off the top of the cup and landed in the dirt. When mine emerged at the end, his poor little butt was still stuck and he couldn’t fly. But he did crawl into the woods with some dignity while the others flew off.

    I’m glad to see this kid getting to do the same project 🙂

    Then in high school we had a mouse olympics, but that’s a story for another post.

  9. Wow, for a moment, I thought the wings were shriveled from flames.

  10. mariposas says:

    what a cutie with butterfly!!!

  11. Baxter_Barkley says:

    Yeah, he’s just out of the chrysalis, he needs to hang upside down. Not be photographed on some kid’s finger. The butterfly’s body is swollen with meconium, which it will pump through the veins in it’s wings to straighten them out, then will hang til it’s strong and dry enough to fly. Butterflies can get stressed and eject the meconium early or lose the instinct to hang if messed around with at this stage. Time is of the essence!

  12. Haikus are 5,7,5. Yours is 6,7,5. Tiny has two syllables.