Don’t Forget To Bring Your Swim Trunk(s)

Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster is BACK! The BBC checks in on the Prosh Pachyderm at the Fort Worth Zoo, y’all.

From Cuteporter Anna S.


  1. It’s HOT here, ya’ll! Glad they could find such a great way to keep baby cool!!

  2. Jimbeaux says:

    I’m glad that even the newsreader liked it. :) What an adorable behbeh trunkster!

  3. wouldn’t be nearly as good without the laughing news guy!

  4. the baby elephant CLEARLY knows what to do with a wading pool! A bigger pool is obviously required!

  5. That is one TOUGH wading pool.

  6. that is just too precious!

  7. Dog Lover says:

    The joy on that bebbeh’s face is undeniable. And I’m pretty sure mama is as amused as we are. :)

  8. Too right! It was great to hear the reserved serious newsman laughing at bebeh trunkster. Such is the power of that trunksters’ proshness.

  9. Thedollysmama says:

    I, too, was thinking the pool was quite well made!

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    In 2011 we went to the Denver Zoo and saw the keeper hosing the elephants. They were loving it!

  11. The mother is like ” Ahhh those were the good ol’ days…”

  12. C Cummings says:

    This is in Texas, where everything is “bigger?” Get that baby a bigger pool!!!