And So Then I Said To The Hoomin….

“…the litterbox needs cleaning. And how about some Petromalt for my hairballs? AND I haven’t been to the groomer in months! And I – hey! Have you heard a WORD I’ve SAID?”

Submitted by Maia L.



  1. *Headpaw*

  2. Since when do cats *want* to go to the groomer??

  3. Oh my gosh, Petromalt! When I was a little girl my cats loved Petromalt sooooo much, the little fakers would pretend to have a hairball… crouching down, cough, cough, sideways glance, hack, hack, looking up from corner of one eye… is she opening the kitchen drawer?… Yes! Success!
    I was such a sucker, lol. I have to say tho’, it doesn’t taste at all like it smells. Blech!

  4. Tuxies never listen…

  5. Kitteh on the right: Will you look at what is going on at the Stevens’ house across the street!!!
    Kieeth on the left: Oh, Gladys……

  6. *Kitteh, not Kieeth (I must have Kieth Partridge on mah mind….)

  7. We’ve all been there. On both sides of this equation. :mrgreen:

  8. 😆 Your kitties definitely knew how to get something they liked from you, huh, Erato 😆

  9. My boyfriend’s cat like the “kitty spa” as we call it. She gets bribed for good behavior with endless treats.