This Never Happened To Kermit

Rain Rain Go Away—
Come again SOME OTHER DAY! (Please.)



Spotted on Buzz and The Sun. Photos by Penkdix Palme.



  1. *Sings* Raindrops keep falling on me head ..

  2. With the placement of the pokey bits on the leaves, it looks as if there is also a goose included in these pics!

  3. Frogs with umbrellas? Ladies and gents, meet our new overlords!

  4. The last one looks like he’s sailing the S.S. Pickle.

  5. I’m sitting in the rain
    Just sitting in the rain
    What a miserable feeling
    I’m dripping again
    I’m frowning at clouds
    So hight up above
    Just sitting and dripping in the rain.

  6. Who says humans and apes are the only animals to employ tools!

  7. What an awesome picture!

  8. MymaJane says:

    For reals?! This is just too much. I can die happy now.

  9. Yeah, they have opposable thumbs and are using tools .. next thing, world domination!!

  10. 6rabbits says:

    This astounds me! 😯