And Don’t Try Any Monkey Business

After that last hand- I’ve got my eyes on you, pal. So deal, already. And quit looking at my cards!

From The Animal Blog Tumblr.


Caturday: Honey- Can U Hand Me A Roll Of Bounty?

We keep them on top of the cabinet..right next to the Toast.

“Toast isn’t allowed on the kitchen counter, but when she’s alone in the house, she can’t resist. She jumps right onto the counter, then up on the fridge, then up on the high shelves where we inevitably find her. Here she’s pretending to be a roll of towels. We love Cute Overload.” -Sarah M.

I Can Do This

No problem. You guys ready? Everybody watching? I’m only gonna do this ONCE!

Spotted by Cuteporter Doris V-N. somewhere on Cheezburger.

Nothing Good Will Come Of This

What do the hoomins DO in here? I always see them sitting in here wasting time. Sometimes with a book or magazine!


Wait! It’s their water supply! I guess this is how they fill up my dish.

From the Cats Where They Do Not Belong Tumblr.

Yep, I’m a Biker Chick…

Just me and my ol’ man, out on the open road, groovin’ with nature…

I guess I’m just too wild to live in a doghouse…

Well, gotta split, man!

Stephanie M. : “I saw this dog (her name is Girlie) in a post office parking lot on vacation in Georgia. The owner said he once pulled into a rest stop and a gaggle full of tourists came barreling out of a bus. The bus driver said the passengers went nuts when they saw her on the highway and demanded he follow them, 50 miles out of their way until he happened to pull over.”

Shocking Moment in an Owl’s Life

Who is always followed by a verb?!

Via Owls on Facebook

Flashback Friday

If you go way back in time today, you’re in for a big surprise
If you go way back in time today, you better go in disguise.
For every kitten dressed in outfittin’ is gathered there as is befittin’
Today is the day the kitty cats have their picnic!

Kittens in costume at picnic lunch.” After we’re done eating, stick around for fireworks and the six-legged race!” Photo by Harry W. Frees – 1914. Via

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Kingston Pappy Van Winkle III turns 1 today. Er, make that, “I.” His trained hoomin Kara E. says “He’s the best dog I’ve ever known…he always has a smile on his face!”

One Year

“Kingston has his own FB page where I post photos as the crazy fun stuff happens- here he is (R) with brother Jasper.”

7 months

Too young to go outside - waiting on all shots
Title by Lennon/McCartney.

It’s Shiba Cam Time!

Shibaholic Ladies and Gentlepeeps, the eagerly awaited Shiba Inu Puppy cam is back and ready to eat-sleep-poop rumble! Want some prosh puppeh nubules to keep you squeein’ through the day? We’ve got you covered:

Live streaming video by Ustream
“One of the puppies from the first puppy cam litter gave birth to her second litter yesterday and they are already on line.” -Sara D.

Friday Haiku Too: Mouse

Nom nom nom nom nom:
The Swiss mouse’s daily routine
‘Til he is all full

Photo by Etienne F., as seen on Mail Online.