Hair Emergency!

Help! Can you fit me in for a shampoo and set?

Via docoverachiever.


  1. Better make that a cut, shampoo and set.

    Love that face!!!

  2. There, there, beastie. We all have bad hair days once in a while.

  3. Be careful how you answer .. I’m been know to get ‘spit’ting angry if I don’t get my way

  4. Andy Warhol returns as an alpaca!

  5. Dog Lover says:

    That was my first thought too!!! And he’s way, way cuter as an alpaca. :)

  6. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    That’s fer shur.

  7. E = MC Qte

  8. He does resemble ol’ Albert, doesn’t he? Especially the hair.

  9. tweetie says:

    Oh crap, did I leave my webcam on again?

  10. I want to see the ‘after’ pictures — but also the ‘during’ pictures with the rollers in! :D

  11. Actually, I kinda like the look.

  12. Yea, me too. I blame the weather. Yea. That’s it.

  13. sabrina rose says:

    Such a sweet face! But has tangled locks indeed. Somebody trying to give him/her dreadlocks?

  14. My bad hair day just got a helluva lot better. :)


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