Snorfer, Toe Hair & Sleepy Squish Face, What More Could One Need?




“This is Carol. She gets tired from waking up in the morning.” -Michele S.



  1. ashagato says:

    1. this smooshy fluffball is named Carol – hilarious
    2. on Carol’s mom’s blog: “Carol tribute band” and other lookalikes = awesome
    3. her hair-portrait totally looks like her!

  2. Theresa says:

    “What do you make of this–? oh, well, yes, I see.”

  3. Michelle says:

    I can relate to getting tired from waking up!

  4. That first pic– she looks like she is putting in some serious work at that sleeping. She looks like “I’m sleeping, dammit!”

  5. OMG she is soooo cute. I love these pictures.

  6. You can see by the hairs left on the pillow from previous times that Carol is a serious napper. 😉

  7. I grew up with a Japanese Spaniel… named Martha.