Three Words: Dancing. Bebeh. Stingrays.


“This is just too cute for words and the music just makes me feel happy. I thought you might like it.” -Allein S.


  1. It’s creepy cute…

  2. Like a space alien in a sandwich baggie

  3. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    YES! ^ THAT!

  4. Haha…like an EMBRYO in a sandwich baggie. Like a SPACE ALIEN EMBRYO in a sandwich baggie.

  5. And their embryonic features are a sweet little reminder that we too were once sea dwelling critters, it’s just we kept our feets and grew some upper limbs. And also we’re slightly less flat.

  6. True that. Some of us are not only slightly less fat, we are definitely more round. :)

  7. The little legs!

  8. And the head!

  9. Stingrays has FEET!!! Who knew????!

  10. Norbertsmom says:

    My thoughts exactly! Feets! OMG

  11. I had NO idea stingrays had feet….. and… this is actually a little bit horrifying, but in a cute kind of way… I can’t decide which one I think it is!!

  12. Me too – I was alternately repulsed and fascinated. And now I’m thinking about that creepy “last human” character from Dr. Who…

  13. Moisturize me!

  14. 6rabbits says:

    Yes! Me too! But it is still kinda cute. Also–FEET! 8O

  15. Smartypants says:

    Yes to all the above – I kept gasping and going “those are FEET!” out loud!

  16. I agree rays are kind of creepy/cute. I had the chance to feed one at an aquarium last year, they told me put the bit of fish between two fingers and my hand palm down flat on the side of the pool, up to my wrist in the water and wait.

    The ray swam up and kind of flapped up my hand and sucked the fish up, it felt really strange.

  17. in stingray pool at sea world, seafood eats you!

  18. Pleroma says:

    Creepy little legs!!!

  19. What a way to start the day. Can’t stop smiling! Thank you. I’m a recent follower.

  20. Glad u enjoy. Tell your friends!

  21. Smartypants says:

    Welcome, B.T.O.!

  22. done!

  23. Mikeyfur says:


  24. bluebird says:


  25. I fell in love with these guys when I waded in a pool of them at Discovery Cove, but I never imagined they had legs!!

  26. I wanna tickle they little feetsies. Now that I know they have some.

  27. Sarah P. says:

    Just for the record, I believe these are actually skates and not rays. Closely related but not quite the same. The “legs” are actually the pelvic fin which is divided in skates but not in rays.

  28. Tim McDaniel says:

    There are things I think are cute that others don’t.

    But these are, for me, far onto the “creepy” part of the spectrum. I think it’s because, in the initial closeups, I could see their little frowny mouths.

  29. AirGuitarfish says:

    This is adorable – and for everyone who didn’t think stingrays had feet, you’re right. These are skates! They’re related to rays but don’t have barbs to sting with, and they have those little fins at the back that look like legs.

  30. Mamabear says:

    I think we need a “creepy/cute” tag. (I’d put the sloths in there)

  31. Those adorable feetsies! Oh, and I had to rethink their size when that hand went up to the glass.

  32. I just heard those feet are actually… boy parts. So in fact, we would be watching a stingray strip show. I’ve decided to just keep pretending they’re feet. How did something so adorable suddenly become NSFW?! :(

  33. Someone please gif this immediately. All of it. In series. Or at least the window show. Is that so much to ask???

  34. Squeee! I didn´t know they had feeties! :)

  35. Oh!! EEEWW!! They are creepy cute embryos in a translucent flat sack! And now that I know those cute little feets are actually a divided pelvis, or boy parts, they just turned even creepier!

  36. this is so cute! Reminds me of a baby just starting to form.

  37. Oh the FEET! The FEET! And when the young person put their hand up to the glass, and you got the idea of how little they were……(swoon).

  38. freaky, creepy, scary and yet a little cute too. yuck


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