You’ve Heard of Eau de Toilette

But Eau de Turtlette, not so much.

“The turtle was only here for a brief visit, it’s not ours and it doesn’t really have a name! The bunny’s name is Nijn (Dutch abbreviation of konijn = rabbit).” -David & Barbara



  1. OMG–at first glance, I thought the poor bunny had a horrible tumor on its neck! Thank goodness, it was only a turtleneck.

  2. Bunneh: “OK so you won the race back then. Do you have to come back and taunt me like that?”

  3. Turtle and hare both have no neck. 😮

  4. Smartypants says:

    I think this is HOW the turtle won the race – piggybacked on top of the hare, then leapt off and took the credit!

  5. I guess that leaves out any possibility of a “neck and neck” finish, then?

  6. bob drummond says:

    that turtle looks like a type of map turtle like the ones which I had many years ago !!!