The Anatomy Of Smoosh

Sometimes a puppeh has so many folds, crevices and smooshes ya need a roadmap. One map, coming up! From Cuteporter Julia G.: “I think it’s really important for Cute Overload readers to know that no two smooshy faces are alike. Your dog’s smoosh may not be as complex as my dog’s smoosh or it may be even more complex.”


“It may have ear smoosh or lip smoosh but no neck smoosh. Or it may have oodles of neck smoosh with just a little bit of nose smoosh. A “smoosh” (lowercase) is known as the head/maw/neck of wrinkly faced breeds!”



~Le Creditos~
*Anatomy of Smoosh Credit: Canines & Couture.
*Photo Credit: Perception Matters Photography
*Your infographic puppeh model today was “Ru.”
*Photos 2 & 3 from Canines & Couture.



  1. I’d kinda like to smoosh all of them!
    Oh wait. I think I meant, “smooch”.

  2. A work of truly great scholarship. Clearly the results of many hours of selfless research. I salute the author.

    PS Is that REALLY a genuine Louis Vuitton bag?

  3. OMG I just want to squish him! Or smoosh him. which ever?

  4. Saffron says:

    Those doggehs need to come to my house so I can study them more closely. And snorgle them ❤

  5. lisaLASSIE says:

    Oh yes to the scholarship. That is why I come to CO. To learn from the fine researchers and scientists who present their findings here. Thank you.

  6. DillPig says:

    In the spirit of scholarly colleagiality, I must however raise an important question: if those features are termed smooshes, then what of the chub rolls? Where do you stand on the issue of chub in general??

  7. jessicavye says:

    I grew up with bulldogs and presently have a pug, so I believe I am well qualified to make the following statement: the more smoosh, the better the snorgle.

  8. Gibson Girl says:

    -puts on glasses and wheels out blackboard-
    Ahem, I believe that the chub rolls are the -ahem- prominences created by a surfeit of sin while the smooshes are the valleys created between said chub rolls. However more investigation of thisphenomenon is required and therefore I am requesting fundng in order to procure several specimens of Canis lupus familiaris. I will then snorgle the chub rolls and smooshes until I am have proven the difference between them. For Science!
    -takes off glasses and puts away blackboard-

  9. phred's mom says:

    Let’s hear it for a surfeit of sin- er-skin!

  10. EEEEEEE That’s my Smoosh and my smoosh road-map!! 🙂 We’re so honored to be featured!!!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  11. Congrats, Smoosh!!!! He definitely deserves the feature. Yay!