Family Resemblance, but what family?

What do you mean, “what family”? Lessee in our tree we have marvelous meatloaf and Chex Mix and homemade melange du hodgepodge and leftover fruitcake oh yes. Let’s mix them all together. Yeah!!!

Josh Norem! (love these two guys, sooo cute.) Hank & Cruiser, who say, “See? We totally match!”



  1. Smartypants says:

    Hmmm…Chihuahua, Jack Russell and perhaps a soupcon of Corgi?

  2. rescue gal says:

    He went ……..that a way!

  3. Scout C says:

    And a smidge of left-eared flapdoodle.

  4. Dachund,Chihuahua,Fox Terrier perhaps?
    Whole buncha cute too.

  5. Synchronized ear-folding should be a new Olympic sport.

  6. I read in a book recently that “when God finds a puppy He likes he folds one ear down so He can find it again”

  7. pupfanatic says:

    I’d watch that!

  8. hmmmm slight flaw in that plan as methinks they’re all His favourites.

  9. Elizapooh says:

    Possibly chihuaweenies?

  10. “chweenies?”

  11. Elizapooh says:

    Chihuahua and dachshund