They May Not Be From Jurassic Park

but this kitty full of rawr and tyranny on two legs makes a rather superb T-Rex. And, watch out behind you Kit-T-Rex,

(earth shakes) Here come the Parakeetasaurs! Ka-boom …boom …boom …boommmm!

“My cat Moisie totally looks like a velociraptor… she’s channeling Jurassic Park, in a softer, fluffier, not-so-dangerous-if-you-blow-a-raspberry-on-my-tummy kind of way.” -Anne F., Small Animal Talk blog writer and veterinarian. Parakeets running in slow motion via YouTube



  1. This really shows how birds are descended from dinosaurs!

  2. I will never look at a parakeet the same way again!

  3. Was there sound accompaniment with this Tube? I imagine I’m missing out. I hear nothing.

  4. I picture that cat meowing to the tune “Bang a Gong” by T-Rex.

  5. Theresa says:

    I love teh keeties. So weighty. 😀

  6. Love the parakeets, especially the first one. He’s so green and blobby!

  7. I just had an a-ha moment where I realized tyranny… tyrannosaurus… how did I never notice that before? Mind blown. Please don’t judge me for not realizing this before, haha.

  8. AWW 😀 Your dear sweet kitty, Moisie, is such a pretty girl, Anne F. 😀 I would just love to help you cuddle her 😀

  9. Did anyone else see the box on the table???? It’s got the word “cute” on it!

  10. Wooly Bully says:

    The little belly wiggle as they run just kills me! Too cute!

  11. The parakeet vid SO needs some major stomping sound effects!

  12. Omg running budgies! That was the cutest things ever. I always see little dinos when I look at my budgie babies, but now even more!

  13. Sharon Wilson says:

    Whattaya mean, not so dangerous if you give her a raspberry belleh-blow? The kitteh’ll totally destroy your face!