Where Do Penguins Learn To Fish? (Updated!)

Why, at Fish School, naturally.

Five Magellanic penguins born in May at the San Francisco Zoo will make their public debut tomorrow morning at 9:45am PT, in the official “March Of The Penguins” ceremony. Update: Here’s how the March Of The Penguins looked!

Photo by Andrew Dalton/SFist.



  1. Helloooo Anthony!

    [sorry :)]

  2. Don’t worry. You’re amongst friends here who completely understand & who will continue to plug for cute men of CO calendar on your behalf. Yet another candidate thanks CO! How many hints do you need?

  3. whawhawhatsis says:

    Aww, when the little penguins were coming out of the corner near the beginning of the video, one of them tripped over the keeper’s foot and fell splat! on his/her face! Sorry, bebeh penguin, I’m sure she didn’t mean to trip you!

  4. Wow that little guy by Anthony needed a time out for his non-stop squeaking! “Errmmm, I’m trying to record an educational video here..”