Wait Til The TSA Screeners Get A Load Of ME

I mean, I don’t have a sweet gig like Boo has with Virgin– but I like to think I travel in style!

Meet Homer Jay Pug, people.



  1. You want to go through my hoomin’s draws, you better have some federal biscuits. You feelin’ me?

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Next time we go on vacation could you please take your wet sweaty gym clothes out of the carry on. Please…………Dang good thing we are going to the Fireman’s Convention at the Hydrant Hilton on Fire Island, or you would be in big trouble Mr. Stinky Pete.

  3. I would much rather sit next to this guy than many of the travelers I’ve been stuck with (yes, Mr. Nose-Picker, that includes you…..).

  4. And the ones with the squirmy, whining, seat-kicking children…