Gone With the Wind

Hold on to your hat! I mean, cat! Swooosh!

Oh nooo! Where’d the cat goooo?

This way, or that way?

Christie the cat all blowed up, by Tammy S. of RowdyKittens.
“I have a rather floofy looking affenpinscher called Frank. Frank and I live in a really, very windy city called Wellington, New Zealand. Anyhoo, he and I went on our evening run to the top of a nearby hill where Frank romped around smelling the smells of many thousands of hectares which were being brought directly to his noz thanks to the particularly crazy wind we’re having today. I took some pics of him thinking, “YAAAAAAHHHHHHH THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!” Which in fairness to Frank is what he thinks about life most of the time.” -Emma



  1. Desdemona says:

    Dogs read smells the way humans read newspapers. The smell he’s getting in the top pic must have read — Breaking News! Squirrels out in droves! Details at 10!

  2. **WAY** too much fur-gel on the second and third photos

  3. Saffron says:

    Frank is clearly keeping an eye out for wargs….

  4. Good to have a lol first thing in the morning. 🙂 Thank you, pyrit and CO.
    I particularly enjoyed “Hold on to your eyeballs!” and Emma’s narrative. 🙂

  5. The puppeh my friend is blowing in the wind
    The puppeh is blowing in the wind. 😆

  6. Oh thanks .. Now I’m gonna have that song in my head all day .. LOL
    (In the case of this song .. that may not be a bad thing-hehe)

  7. 4leafclover says:

    Frank could be a Dr. Seuss character!

  8. Christie disapproves of the wind.

  9. He is a dead ringer for Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon!!! So adorable”

  10. I love Frank’s attitude. LOL

    Poor Christie-cat doesn’t look quite so thrilled, however.

  11. I was just thinking that we need a COXU of kitty’s face to see if she’s as disapproving as she seems!

  12. Smartypants says:

    Christie looks just like a Kliban cartoon! (yes, he drew mostly short-haired tiger kittehs, but the stance and proportions are all Kliban).

  13. This made me laugh out loud. Excellent photos, brilliant captions.

  14. Is that a Tumbleweed Tiny Home in the background of the kitty pic?

  15. Jenny Islander says:

    Reminds me of my mother’s bluepoint Siamese, who was born a runt and grew up tiny. She was outside when a sudden windstorm blew in off the Pacific. I had trouble holding the screen door open as I called and called. She came running, leaped for the steps–and was blown sideways, smack into the wall of the house.

    She was okay, but her look of “This is your fault, die” was classic.

  16. Waow. I can picture this! Glad she was OK enough to be mad. I once was crossing the street in 70+ mph winds and … you do not take your feet off the ground. Stay low kitty!

  17. Killer Klown says:

    And this is why baby wookies should not ride on _top_ of the starships.

  18. Looks like it to me!! I noticed it too and was looking to see if anyone else commented. I wish I could see inside.

  19. I’m Emma (Frank’s hoomin). This comment made me actually lol. He is a wookie! I never noticed!

  20. AWW 🙂 I am glad to hear that your poor kitty was okay after that, Jennifer Islander 🙂 I hope you gave her lots and lots of cuddles 🙂

  21. Christie the kitty looks like she would run inside the house as soon as the door was open and give her owners one the stink eye for letting her outside on a day like that 😀