Flashback Friday

All her life Betty White has been an animal lover. As a child, her father adopted strays during the Depression. For over 60 years(!) she has lent her fame to many wonderful animal organizations; speaking at fundraisers, being an active member, making donations, and writing letters. At 91, Betty White still loves to spend days doing volunteer work with all the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo. Love ya, Betty! And thank Qte!

Los Angeles circa 1952. Actress Betty White at home with her dog. Photo by Maurice Terrell and Earl Theisen for Look magazine.



  1. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Bette White is awesome. I hope she lives forever.

  2. luvstehQte says:

    I love Betty White and I know she’s a huge force in the animal world, but I can’t help but be absolutely RIVETED by the print on those curtains!!!!

  3. I didn’t know that! Yet another reason to love Betty White. Great photo!

  4. And the tablecloth! And I think my parents had that same lamp, over on the right.

  5. whawhawhatsis says:

    Don’t forget to notice the Emmy sitting on her TV set!

  6. Is she not the cutest?

  7. 6rabbits says:

    My mind boggles thinking what the colors must be!

  8. 6rabbits says:


  9. emmberrann says:

    Ms. White IS the qtest. We ❤ her. She was a pioneer in the biz long before it was fashionable to be pro-adoption of bffs (best furry friends).

  10. There’s about one million things I love about this picture.

  11. sabrina rose says:

    Betty White rocks!!! Her TV set (with Emmy) is delightful. So 50s! I grew up with a very similar one – Admiral brand, I think, in blond wood. I watched the Lone Ranger, the Cisco Kid, and Hopalong Cassidy. We also had a radio and record player in a blond wood cabinet. These were large, beautifully made pieces of furniture meant to be the focus of the room. And I remember poodles with the fancy French trim were very popular – my mom called them “puddles” to tease me. She wouldn’t let me have one, though. 😦

  12. Couldn’t say about the curtains, but the tablecloth would be shades of tropical green on a cream background, with accents of brown and hot pink. Or the background could be a pale yellow instead of cream, but that would be more for curtains and upholstery than a tablecloth.

    (If you know where to look, you can still find these prints. Helps to be in Hollywood, for set-dressing, don’t you know… And my kitchen has the same knotty pine panelling and sawn-wood trim; last remodeled in the mid-50s.)

  13. robert b loblaw says:

    How about that giant man eating plant outside the window?!

  14. Saffron says:

    Betty White is the most awesome hoomin evar.

  15. Saffron says:

    It’s Mid Century Modern now and original fabric, especially home dec fabric is very expensive. I want that TV and the vases and sculpture on the windows!

  16. I love everything about this picture…the 50’s decor, the poodle, and of course the fabulous Betty White! (Wish I could get a better look at her shoes…they appear to be potentially awesome!)

  17. This is just too wonderful!!

  18. I don’t know about anyone else but that interior decorating reminds me of every Tom and Jerry cartoon I ever saw.

  19. Is her shirt the same pattern as the tablecloth, or do I need to see an optician?

  20. You are reading my mind! I loff it all. And yes, I would love a better look at those almost-certainly fabulous peep-toe beauties.