The Bar Is OPEN

…but it looks like there could be a wait of up to 15 minutes or so. We’ll seat you just as soon as we can! In the meantime, feel free to browse our gift shoppe.

“Hi, my name is Julia. Attached is a picture of a fresh chocolate lab litter – my Aunt Gywnne posted this to her Instagram account with the caption, ‘The dilemma lays in choosing one.'”

[Yes, that would be a problem. -Ed]



  1. SuburbanPrairie says:

    I’ll take that fat one, right in the middle. I can relate to that. 😉

  2. Cute little suckers.

  3. I got stuck on the ‘fresh chocolate’
    so these pups when snogled also taste like ‘fresh chocolate’??
    well shoot, I’ll take that one and that one an—–
    what do you mean share? Ahhh hello—-Chocolate pups!!!! 🙂
    seriously, share?! well ok.:(
    (nobody notices large bulge under jacket as I sneak ummm that is walk out of the room)

  4. Second one from the left, where is his body??? 😯

  5. I want the little one 3rd from the left!

  6. WAIT A MINUTE .. That one on the left looks a little young to be drinking at the “bar” ..
    Can I see your dog license please ??

  7. I’m stuck on that too!! In my mind, they smell like brownies fresh out of the oven after reading that!

  8. Not to be a grammar nerd, but it’s supposed to be “The dilemma lies” not “lays”.

  9. If mama is a chocolate lab, then these puppehs would be drinking chocolate milk right? Right?

  10. animal lover says:

    I want (NEED) The little one 3rd on the right!!!! OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! (This means I actually need all of them)

  11. Ok, so continuing with the chocolate theme I read “chocolate slab” (where it actually says chocolate lab) and so of course I thought yes I’ll have the chocolate slab which would be everything in the whole darn picture. Call me greedy, but we’re talking chocolate here folks. And slabs at that.

  12. BiancaD says:

    Thank you for mentioning that.

  13. BiancaD says:

    Second one from the right please ^_^

  14. sabrina rose says:

    He/she is lying at an angle, the better to block Mama’s teats from a pushy littermate!

  15. tracylee says:

    Looks like an ear-nommin’ bar to me. And I’ll bet they’re delicious 🙂

    Barkeep, *hic* I’ll have another (nomnomnom)!

  16. That middle one is a pudge! they should rotate that one out. I also love the 3rd from the right because of the adorable hind legs pose..

  17. The chubby little neck folds…the cute tails…the feetsies…the teeny-tiny ears…and yes, the wobbly hind legs…I can’t stand it!

  18. And now I’m hungry for chocolate.

  19. So many puppy butts – I may have to go to de-tocks!

  20. Dog Lover says:

    The ‘tocks, people, the ‘tocks!!! *thud*

  21. I wonder what the puppeh brefs smells like down in there? Like chocolate do you think?

  22. Yes, indeedy. Whilst the majority of the Cuteporters are quite the grammar nerds, the sight of fresh chocolate brownies – canine or comestible (although in this case, there is absolutely no difference) can cause major hed asplosions and temporary loss of grammar-nerdiness.

  23. soo true

  24. brownies chocolate milk I got none but want 😦
    really bad craving going on here. here pup let me snogle you

  25. I wonder if it’s Chocolate milk ? hehe

  26. Choco puppies! Look at those chubby little butts! GAH!

  27. Besides which, it’s a quote from someone, not a caption that our dear Brinke wrote. 🙂

  28. victoreia says:

    I read that, too!

    But, I insist that you share the chocolate!