Japan Will Not Let Up

The Land Of the Rising Sun consistently kicks our butt outperforms the US when it comes to The QTE. We’re just helpless ovah heah. We just saw the otters shaking hands deal, right? Now this. Cuteporter William D. sends in an email with the subject line “Oh my, the one with the duck on his head.”

That gets my attention.

A duck on someone’s head? (FYI the top row that comes on at about 1:07.) Must check it out. So William goes on to say “Animated cute, but…have you seen this? It’s amazing. Japan wins the cute arms race again.”

Yes. Yes, they do.




  1. You want a serious dose of cuteness overload? Download this game on to your phone and prepare to have your brain turn to goo each and every day you play (warning: game is in Japanese).

  2. So much to LOFF about dis!!

  3. I love the twirling xylophone player, and the little one on the cellphone, and the one playing a broom, and and and I have to go watch it again now.

  4. “What duck?”

  5. I love the one with a tambourine playing the bugle. And the one in the three musketeers hat!

  6. Boxhead! At the end! The boxhead kittayyyyy!

  7. And the ones who are eating! Haha.

  8. sabrina rose says:

    Look at the hats worn by the kittens……

  9. sabrina rose says:

    Oh my, this has been quite a week. First the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis, and now: A band of animated musical kittens. It’s all over, I’m ded.

  10. murkle46 says:

    Need insulin and orange slice now.

  11. I also love the one juggling.

  12. Dalicat says:

    …and the one with a little white chicken on its head…

  13. Jendeyan says:

    And the one playing two clarinets and the one waving the fans and the one playing a kazoo and the one playing his guitar upside down…

  14. Magali Perrey says:

    Is it me or it looks like one is on a mobile phone at about 2.00.
    Love the one eating (1.56)

  15. And the one on his cellphone! (There’s one in every crowd!)

  16. DewiCasGwent says:

    Has no one noticed the ninja kiity?

  17. mauderules says:

    I’m going to have the music in my head all day. Possibly because I intend to keep watching this all day. That was truly amazing. Whoever sent this in has performed a great act of kindness.

  18. doomchild says:

    That one was my favorite, too!

  19. Saffron says:

    I agree! This bears repeated watching to catch different kittehs I missed…and because it is so durn cute.

  20. I LOFF this! Somebody posted a link to it a while ago in the comments (thank you to them!), and I saved it as a favorite on my work computer, my home laptop, AND my cell phone. For a guaranteed humongo smile whenever I need one!

  21. TOO. MUCH.

  22. . . . and the one with the noisemaker and the drummer twirling his stick and the paw print on the bass drum . . . .

  23. . . . and the kitty (?) popping out of the bell of the tuba . . .

  24. AAAHHH! After watching it a bazillion time, I totally missed that until now!

  25. That was a ninja kitty!

  26. Linda Grimmer says:

    Love them ALL, especially the ones eating CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!

  27. jlamusings says:

    This is so full of cute! I agree with other posters- catchy tune, wonderful silliness increasing as it progresses. AWESOME! THANKS, C.O., for posting! I needed this to get through last weekend of grading for the summer semester!

  28. Teresa in NC says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I dare ANYONE to watch this all the way through without cracking a smile.

    And…..it even had a cat playing a HARP!


  29. Pffttt ..I read in cute…besides there’s a guide in English up in the inter tubes. Nothing better to do with my time then grow colorful squeaky cat organisms that divide by poof in jars. :3

  30. The one with the broom….

  31. And after the harp plays, all the baton ends turn into flowers!
    And there’s one in a hat with a feather, one with fans instead of instruments, and I just saw the ninja tuba kitten and the juggler. Plus the last two have microphones. I’ll be up all night looking for more.

  32. I looked and looked- its in the credits after the parade! More funnies!

  33. The Harp Kitty keeled me too. 😀

  34. JenDeyan says:

    I totally missed that! Ninja kitty got me!

  35. edmundh says:

    And the big bass drum kitty comes in, BOOM, and knocks everyone off their feet!

  36. luvstehQte says:

    i loff the one eating noodles out of her cymbal at approx. 0:59! SCHLURP!

  37. 😀

  38. Teresa in NC says:

    Cats and harps….two of my favorite things.

  39. Yuri Bell says:

    I love that chicken.

  40. So late to the QTE, but I snorfed out loud when I saw the juggler…