Customer: Good morning. My Mac seems to be a little sluggish. Could you check?
Genius: Sure, happy to. (Peers inside.) Hmmmmm.
Customer: What? Did you find something?
Genius: Yup. I think…you’ve been using the Paws key too much.

From BarkPost.



  1. I’m sorry .. But your warranty doesn’t cover ‘cute’

  2. @ Brinke: Bwa ha ha! Love it!

  3. Have you tried re-booping it?

  4. Those Retina displays on the new Macs are amazing. All your pictures look like they’re in 3D!

  5. There’s something wrong with your monitor…it’s a little fuzzy!

  6. Best repurposing of a computer monitor ever!!

  7. I think your system went to sleep.

  8. fleurdamour says:


  9. fleurdamour says:


  10. All too clever!! 🙂

  11. Awesome picture.

  12. Most computers have bugs. This one has dogs.

  13. Sharon Wilson says:

    I saw the monitors for kittehs on a previous post; I didn’t know they had them for dogs.

  14. iPup, uPup, we all Pup for iPups!!