I Don’t Want To

I don’t have to. You can’t make me.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 8.09.53 PM
“Please watch Tommy the chihuahua hide when she hears the word, ‘bath’ and consider posting on CO!” -Tommy and Gracie.



  1. Smart pooch knows what to do

  2. Ha! My Chihuahua Papito hides under the couch like that, too!

  3. Too funny and cute! It’s OK, Tommy, I bet you will get treats when The Dreaded Bath is over! (KInda of reminds me of my cat who hides under the comforter on my bed when she is scared, not realizing she makes a good-sized lump!)

  4. Our pom would also hide under the couch when she heard the deaded B word except when she had poo pooed herself, then she would summit without a fuss.

  5. I believe this is the same chihuahua who we saw cuddling his teddy bear a few months ago! And still cute!

  6. sotadragon says:

    Is it just me, or is it a little bit odd to name a female animal “Thomas”? o.O

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    Want to get her out from under the couch? Don’t say “bath;” say “Squirrel!”

  8. I didn’t bother to tell my Chi when it was bathtime. I just plunked him in the sink. Even if he managed to get out of the sink, he’d just find himself on the counter and realize there was nowhere to go but back into the water. (Really it was more of a shower…kitchen sinks with sprayer faucets are good for that.) 🙂

  9. Dragonflye says:

    I don’t think he’s female… I’m pretty sure that’s a neutered male.

  10. Sheila St. Amour says:

    That’s a good idea. My dog Hunney perks up the minute he hears “Squirrel!”