Cliff Narfsteen, Walkies Champion

Since turning pro in 2006, Narfsteen juggles a busy schedule of interviews, endorsement deals, and an unforgiving training regimen. Here, we find him preparing for the National 10K Walkies.



  1. With a form like that, he’s bound to walk away with the Walkies.

  2. Feel the burn!

  3. edmundh says:

    And he nailed the jump-off too!

  4. i believe the term is “dis-mutt”

  5. running in a grey sweatsuit makes me think that ”Gonna Fly Now” would have been a better choice, musically

  6. Janet in Cambridge says:

    That’s it. That’s enough. I’m outta here! I’m as fit as I’m gonna get today.

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    I was watching this with the sound off (oopsies) and I was totally humming that to myself!! Good call, luscher!