Fifty Four Seconds Of Nose Twitching Action

No disapproval here. Just one dynamite little BUNNEH with incredible nose-twitch action. Just perfect for BUNDAY.

“So it’s that time of year again when I should be working on a project but am in the cute part of Youtube instead. Not my video, but I had to pass it on!” -Nicole D.



  1. What a bewitching little bunbun!

  2. Don’t you mean “betwitching”?

  3. awwwww, the snuffles, the widdle paw, the floofish…..
    ohhhh, can’t staaaaand eet….faints….

  4. lisaLASSIE says:

    GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Who has the strength to withstand this????? I like the way it took two hands to hold the bun. And clearly they were unable to walk away despite being LEEKED over and over and over by that tiny pink tongue. And then…………THUD.

  5. I just recently got a pic of a baby bun in my yard (1st baby pic since we moved in 2 yr.ago) but since all the buns in my yard/area are wild it wouldn’t sit in my hand & kees me . (pouting) but they do let us get pretty close to take pics, With all the buns in my yard I’m STILL hoping to see a unicorn . (snerk)

  6. Starfish says:

    Does anyone else start nose-twitching when they see a nose-twitching bun? Or is that just me?

  7. freetomato says:

    Yes, that.

  8. oooohhh soooo cute

  9. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I’m thinking that’s a domestic bun? Looks like the wrong shape for a wild bun. Regardless, just adorables.

  10. Phoenix says:

    Hehe I do that too. My bunny *gasp* disapproves of me doing that.

  11. sotadragon says:

    O.M.G… Completely anerable! *is ded from teh qte*

  12. I have commented twice before (at least at the time of dis comment) but I COMPLETELY FORGOT to introduce mahself.
    *stands up* Hi, I’m Avery and I’m addicted to teh cutesies.
    I usually get my daily fix from my two kittehs, Sakura and Miranda, but sometimes I just need more, and this site provides!


  13. Holy moly – baby bun, twitching nose, leetle tongue action, and airplane arms. What more can I ask for (aside from one in my hand too)?

  14. 6rabbits says:

    Squeeeeeeeeee! *grabs bebeh bun, pops in mouf, runs for the hills!*

  15. 6rabbits says:

    It’s a pet bun, not a wild one, which is better cos you can snorgle it all you want!

  16. ChamomileTheChameleon says:

    The video is only 53 seconds… WHERE IS THE EXTRA SECOND?!? I WANT….

    ….the bunny.