Ooh, Don’t Mind if I Do

I can never say no to free samples…

A little from here, a little from there…

… and soon, I’m too stuffed to move.

Via mark byzewsky.



  1. Love the stripes. And the beady eye factor.

  2. I love the white eyeliner around the beady eyes! Cute little guy!

  3. Ah, that (and the lack of stripes on the very back) would mean that this is not a chipmunk but a golden-mantled ground squirrel. For those who wanted to know.

    Also, eeeeee!

  4. Saffron says:

    Next time I go to Costco to have the Costco hot dog and a ton of free samples for lunch I will take Mr. Skwerl with me.

  5. I thought ‘ground squirrel’ was a regional name for chipmunks?

  6. “No, thank you. Seriously, I’m watching my figure.”

  7. Tony James says:

    I thought “ground squirrel” was what they made burgers from in Appalachia…


  8. Rachael says:

    🙂 🙂

  9. A chipmunk appears to be a subcategory (according to Wikipedia, either one genus or three genera, there seems to be some disagreement) of ground squirrel. All I know offhand is that chipmunks have more stripes on the back and a stripe above and below the eye, while golden-mantled squirrels have only two back stripes and a ringed eye. The book of critters I got while on vacation in the Southwest when I was 10 was very clear on this point.

  10. Theresa says:

    Skwerl’s in Publix!

  11. We went camping In the national park in Banff Alberta Canada and the chipmunks were very friendly and ate peanuts out of our hands the first day.

    Every morning for the rest of the week, we were awaken by chipmunks sitting on our picnik table calling loudly for their breakfast. 😆

  12. This brings back memories of a Colorado vacation when we were kids. The chipmunks were absolutely shameless!

  13. Arghflxbvrrrrr, please please please, people, DON’T feed wild animals! It’s not cute, and it’s not healthy for them!!!

  14. OK, I wasn’t sure that it wasn’t just what Southerners called chipmunks or something like that. Thanks!

  15. I was going to say … while I think the sunflowers “look” (who knows if they have salt or other things on them!) okay, I’m a little concerned with that giant red thing the critter ate in the first picture. o.O

  16. Not only that, but the cute little chipmunks/ground squirrels at Muir Woods in CA (and likely other places as well) can carry Bubonic plague. No, I’m not even remotely kidding.

  17. sotadragon says:

    I wondered about that too. It looks like part of a beef stick or something and I’m not sure a chipmunk/ground squirrel should be eating that EVER. O.O

  18. Chipmunks are smaller than this guy.

  19. We have tons of these little guys living around our yard! I would love to feed one!

  20. whatthelump says:

    For the little guy’s sake, I’d like to think it’s a half-eaten date and not a meat product, but who knows. Anyway, the last pic is amazing!

  21. In Colorado, those, too, would likely have been golden-mantled squirrels and not chipmunks. They look very similar.