Cancel All Plans

We’re going to the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama! To meet the first red panda cubs born in the US in 2013!

Ta daaaa!

The proud first-time Mama is named Sorrel. What will the cubs’ names beeee?! (singsong)

Sorrel is being the best new Mama ever, but we think all red panda Mamas should check out How to pick up a baby Red Panda in 5 easy steps!

The cubs are still in seclusion until this fall. But zoo visitors can view Sorrel and her cubs on a video monitor.



  1. Smartypants says:

    names – Nutmeg & Cinnamon?

  2. How adorable… Thanks for sharing…

  3. Madame X says:

    Fred and Ginger
    Ying and Yang
    Wills and Kate (for the other famous parents to be, doncha’know)
    Crumpet and BonBon

  4. love it!! too cute!

  5. honestly, i think the cute hurt me. i am damaged for the rest of the day. going to go have a little lie down.

  6. The zoo weren’t expecting mama red panda was expecting? Oh my, papa red panda is going to have a lot of explaining to do!

  7. Bonnie and Clyde.

  8. How about Tribble and Fizzgig? Or is that too nerdy?

  9. (sing in Bruce Springsteen voice with bandana on head): “Boooooorn in the USA! They was boooorn in the USA! Born in the USA! They was boooorn in the USA!” etc.

  10. pssst. Nothing’s too nerdy here. 🙂 (Am I right, gang?)

  11. Right 😀

  12. The Original Jane says:

    I love me some Red Pandas but have never seen them this young. SOOOO adorable!

  13. secret-named panda on the right in the last pic is showing us his fierce face…or halfway through singing “bear necessities”. hard to tell which in a still photo.

  14. Leaves of Cat Grass says:

    my usual answer: Mine & Mine

  15. There’s another baby red panda that was born at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, CA at the end of June. You can check out pics (the one of the mom carrying the baby is super squee) of the fuzzball on their FB page-

  16. Eye Capsules!

  17. Must… inhale… the… floofies…

  18. JenDeyan says:

    Awesome names!

  19. JenDeyan says:

    Absolutely right!

  20. Lewis n' Clark says:

    More bebeh alert! Lowland gorilla born at SF Zoo yesterday!

  21. It should be told on here that Schoep has passed away… the 20 year old doggie with the wonderfully sweet master… even if you don’t post this thought this would be a way to let you know.

  22. My little one loves the Birmingham Zoo! I guess we will have to plan a visit some time soon. So awesome to have something sooooo cute & cuddly come out of my home state! 🙂

  23. Lewis n' Clark says:

    awwwww – RIP Schoep – you were an inspiration to many

  24. I just saw it on Facebook. 😦

    Sleep sweetly, dear Schoep.

  25. No more pain in puppeh heaven. Rest and romp in peace, Schoep. Our prayers are with John in his loss.

  26. emmmjama says:

    Sorry, this was supposed to be in reply to Wheezy.

  27. rescue gal says:

    I just saw that too and was coming here to say the same thing. I hope he romping pain free now.

  28. Rachael says:

    That just breaks my heart. I know he was 20 and dogs can’t live forever but… it hurts just the same. My thoughts are with his wonderful hooman who loved his boy to bits. Rest in peace, sweet Schoep, rest in peace.

  29. Penelope Hassenpfeffer says:

    At the Erie Zoo, in Erie Pennsylvania, We had a Red Panda Cub borne on June 6th! Wouldn’t that make us the first?

  30. My exploded head exploded again as I read further…how is that even possible?!

  31. Hi Penelope, the date of birth for these two cubs was May 30th according to the Birmingham Zoo. But hey who’s counting? Way to go Erie, PA!

  32. 6rabbits says:

    Correctamundo! And I love Triibble for a name, their fur does look remarkably tribble-like. 🙂

  33. victoreia says:

    What does it mean, “too nerdy”?

  34. They look like a cross between a hamster and a hedgehog.

  35. Athena's mom says:

    LOL Leaves of Cat Grass- I thought those were only MY names for fluffy baby things! (tucks one under each side of chin, continues typing)

  36. OH
    *keels over*

  37. Zoo visitors can view the babies on a monitor? Am I the only one who thinks a webcam is in order so we can all enjoy the adorableness?

  38. Penolope Hasssenpfeffer says:

    The more red pandas the better! It is a good year! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. Killer Klown says:

    Oi. We had two bunnies named Tribble and Fizzgig; best of friends until Fizzy passed away. Spooky.